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This page provides means of finding information about societies whose interests relate to the UK & Ireland as a whole (amongst which the Society of Genealogists is pre-eminent), together with links to our pages listing societies that are devoted to smaller geographical areas, such as individual counties.

We provide information about a given society simply by linking to its web pages where these are known to us. Otherwise, if the society is a member of the The Federation of Family History Societies, or the Scottish Association of Family History Societies, we provide a link to the postal address listings these provide. In addition, we are happy to receive and make available postal address details for other (non-commercial) family history societies, i.e. ones that are registered charities.

NOTE: We do not attempt to provide information about the large number of societies that relate just to particular surnames - but you may be able to find useful contacts in the Register maintained by the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS).

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* identifies societies that are members of the The Federation of Family History Societies.

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