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Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Emigrant"

Sailed from Sunderland 10 September 1852; arrived Melbourne 3 January 1853.

NOTE: Not all passengers were from the North-East, but most were. See the Journal of the Northumberland and Durham FHS, Vol 5 No 4 (July 1980) pp.102-7 for further details.

Made available to GENUKI by George Bell.

Baker                 John               Labourer
Bates                 Thomas             Agent
  "                   Caroline             (wife)
Bird                  Thomas,            Grocer
  "                   Ann                  (wife)
  "                   Bolton S             (son)
  "                   Thomas               (son)
Blackett              Cuthbert Robert    Independent Minister
  "                   Margaret             (wife)
  "                   Caroline             (daughter)
  "                   Jane                 (daughter)
Blackett jun          Cuthbert Robert    Druggist
Blackett              Thomas Mordey      Draper
Booth                 George             Shipwright
Boston                Sarah Ann          Mate's wife
Braithwaite           William            Printer
Briggs                Susannah           Carpenter's wife
  "                   James B              (son)
Brown                 Mrs
Bulman                John               Joiner
Campbell              Hannah             Spinster
Chevig/Cherry         Moses              Labourer
Davidson              William            Agent
Denton                Thomas             Cabinet maker
Eagling               John               Gardener
Eggars                John               Joiner
  "                   Caroline             (wife)
  "                   John                 (son)
  "                   Margaret             (daughter)
  "                   Elizabeth            (daughter)
Fairbridge            Robert             Butcher
  "                   Jane/Hannah          (wife)
Fenwick               Robert             Joiner
  "                   Roberta Jane         (wife)
  "                   John                 (son)
  "                   George               (son)
  "                   Robert               (son)
  "                   William              (son)
Fletcher              Henry              Draper
Foreman               Henry              Joiner
Foreman               Robert             Joiner
Fox                   Robert             Painter
Gatliffe              John               Broker's agent
Hardy                 Henry              Shoemaker
Hardy                 James              Tailor
  "                   Elizabeth            (wife)
Harker                Calvert            Agent
Harrison (Morrison?)  William
Harrison              William John       Minor
Hind                  Sarah              Spinster
Hunter                Edward             Labourer
  "                   Jane                 (wife)
  "                   Robert               (son)
  "                   Edward               (infant son)
Jolly                 George             Glassmaker
  "                   Mary                 (wife)
  "                   Anna Mount           (infant daughter)
Kerr/Kier jun         Andrew             Cabinet maker
Kerr                  Ellen              Wife of ? Ker
  "                   Jane Ann             (daughter)
  "                   William Thomas       (son)
Lambton               Edward             Agent
  "                   Margaret             (wife)
Lindsay               Peter              Labourer
McColl                Hugh               Bookseller & printer
  "                   Jane                 (wife)
  "                   James Heirs          (son)
  "                   Mary                 (daughter)
  "                   Jane                 (daughter)
  "                   Agnes                (daughter)
  "                   Eugene               (daughter)
McDonald              Georgette          Spinster
Mackie                Joseph             Ropemaker
Millard/Maillard      John C             Agent
Miller                                   Isaac, baker
Morell (Murrall?)     William            Tallow chandler
Parkin/Parker         Elizabeth          Wife of seaman
  "                   William              (son)
  "                   Mary Ellen           (daughter)
Proctor               Robert             Butcher
  "                   Mary                 (wife)
Richardson            Jane               Servant to Ridley
Ridley                William            Draper
  "                   Elizabeth            (wife)
  "                   Elizabeth Jane       (daughter)
  "                   William John         (son)
  "                   Isabella             (daughter)
  "                   Rowell               (son)
Rippingale            Charles            Tailor
  "                   Hannah               (wife)
  "                   Martha               (daughter)
  "                   Joseph               (son)
Rippingale            Robert             Gardener
Robertson             Joseph             Farmer
Robinson              Christopher H      Builder
  "                   Margaret             (wife)
  "                   Sarah                (daughter)
  "                   Thomas               (son)
  "                   Elizabeth            (daughter)
Robson sen            Robert             Farm bailiff
Robson jun            Robert             Labourer
Robson                William            Ships chandler
  "                   Thomas/William jun   (son)
Scorer                Thomas             Enginewright
Scott                 James              Gardener
  "                   Jane                 (wife)
  "                   Rosamond             (daughter)
  "                   Sherburn/Harburn   (son)
  "                   Walter               (son)
Scott                 Thomas             Butcher
Smith                 Charles            Butcher
Smith                 Foster             Labourer
Smith                 Joseph             Currier
  "                   Mary                 (wife)
  "                   William              (infant son)
Southern              John               Joiner
Southern              William            Foregeman
Spencely/Spencer      James              Enginewright
Stephenson            William            Painter
  "                   William George N     (son - a grocer)
  "                   Elizabeth            (daughter)
Stothard              Jane               Wife of seaman
Swan                  Edward             Provision dealer
  "                   Thomas William       (son)
Swan                  Isaac              Butcher
  "                   Mary                 (wife)
  "                   Thomas               (infant son)
Swan                  William            Butcher
  "                   Mary                 (wife)
  "                   Mary                 (daughter)
  "                   Frances              (daughter)
  "                   Ann                  (daughter)
Swinburn(e)           Ann                Spinster
Swinburn              Cuthbert           Minor
Vasey                 Elizabeth          Servant
Vint jun              James              Agent
White                 Robert             Butcher
Young                 Robert             Butcher
  "                   Hannah/Margaret      (wife)
Young                 Thomas             Agent
  "                   Maria                (wife)
  "                   Margaret Eliza       (daughter)
  "                   Maria Harriet        (daughter)
  "                   Mary                 (infant daughter)
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