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Ampthill Directory of Trades and Professions for 1830

Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades"
for AMPTHILL in Pigot's Directory of 1830.

Post Office:

  • Market-place, Charles Halley, Post Master. - Letters from LONDON, WOBURN, BEDFORD, &c. arrive by horse post from WOBURN, every morning at six, and are despatched every night at 9.


  • Bartram John, Church st

Gentry &c.:

  • Barber Rev. Ts. Houghton conquest
  • Barton Samuel, esq. Church st
  • Belcher Rev. Andrew, Church st
  • Brooks John Thos. esq. Flitwick
  • Brooks Mrs. Dunstable st
  • Cardale Rev. George, Millbrook
  • Exton George, gent. Dunstable st
  • Fisher James Hurtle, esq. Church st
  • Gawthorpe Rev. T. H. Marston
  • Hagar Mrs. Church st
  • McLauchlan David, esq. Church st
  • Macqueen Malcolm, M.D. Ridgmount
  • Macqueen Thomas Potter, esq. M.P. Chicksands priory
  • Moore Capt. Chas. R.N. Maulden
  • Morris Joseph, esq. Ampthill house
  • Platt Henry gent. Lidlington
  • Ward Rev. Charles, Maulden
  • White Rev. William, Lidlington

Academies and schools:

  • Gibbon Esther (girls') Church st
  • Robinson George, Dunstable st
  • Wells -, (girls') Dunstable st


  • Davis Samuel, Church st
  • Eagles Ezra & Son, Dunstable st
  • Greene John, Woburn st


  • Bartram John, Church st
  • Evans Thomas, (& surveyor) Dunstable street
  • Farnell William, Woburn st
  • Foskkett Bernard, (and shopkeeper) Bedford street
  • Morris Wm. & Son, Dunstable st

Booksellers & Stationers:

  • Austin Chs. (stationer only) Church street
  • Franklin William, (& printer, &c.) Market place
  • King John, Dunstable st

Boot & shoe makers:

  • Goode Charles, Dunstable st
  • Marshall John, Woburn st
  • Smith James, Bedford st
  • Stapleton James, Bedford st


  • Deverell William, Church st
  • Kingston Thomas, Bedford st
  • Whitbread Henry, Church st

Cabinet Makers &c.:

  • Battison William, Dunstable st
  • Furze Robert, (& builder and auctioneer) Church st
  • Ramsay Jno. C.(& china, &c. dealer) Church st


  • Bowden Henry, Woburn st
  • Bowden Jobs,. Bedford st

Corn Dealers:

  • Cook John, (& maltster) Bedford st
  • May & Wise, (and wool) Bedford st

Dress makers:

  • Goode Ann, Dunstable st
  • Patman Ann, Dunstable st
  • Townsend Mary, Dunstable st

Fire, &c Office, Agents:

  • COUNTY (fire) May and Wise, Bedford street
  • HERTFORDSHIRE (fire) Chas. May, Market place
  • PHOENIX John Greene, Woburn st
  • SUFFOLK (fire) Ezra Eagles & Son, Dunstable street

Grocers & Tea Dealers:

  • Claridge Wm. (wholesale & retail, and cheesemonger) Dunstable st
  • Cooper Mary, Dunstable St
  • Halley Charles (& spirit merchant) Market place
  • May and Wise, Bedford st
  • Morris Joseph, Church st
  • Wheeler Thomas, Woburn st

Hair Dressers:

  • Gascoin John, Dunstable st
  • Gilliatt Samuel, Bedford st

Inn & Posting house:

  • White Hart (commercial), William Wonfor, Dunstable st


  • Cooper Mary, Dunstable st
  • Morris Joseph, Church st

Linen, &c. Drapers:

  • Ellis S. & Son, (and lace manufacturers) Market place
  • May & Wiise, Bedford st
  • Rogers John, Market place

Nursery & Seedsmen:

  • Axam Thomas, Dunstable st
  • Gibbs Thomas, Church st

Paper Hangers:

  • Franklin William, Church st
  • Shaw John, (& painter) Church st

Plumbers and Glaziers:

  • Kingston William, Bedford
  • Rees Sarah, Woburn at
  • Spoffard George, Church St

Straw Hat makers:

  • Howes Hannah, Woburn st
  • Rowe Ths. (& straw plat) Woburn st


  • Chapman Thos. & Son, Dunstable st
  • Hamilton Andrew, Dunstable st
  • Pulley Joseph, Woburn st


  • Flint Thomas, Church st
  • Taylor Wm. (& draper) Dunstable st

Tallow Chandlers:

  • Claridge William, Dunstable st
  • May & Wise, Bedford st

Taverns & Public Houses:

  • Compasses, Jno. Brightman, Dunstable st
  • Cross Keys, William Cook, Bedford st
  • Crown and Sceptre, Daniel Wiltshire, Bedford street
  • King's Arms (& excise office) Robt. Sexton, Market place
  • King's Head, Humphrey Carte, Woburn st
  • New Sun, Thomas Gudgin, Dunstable st
  • Red Lion, James Timms, Church st
  • Rose & Crown, Geo. Farmer, Market pl
  • Sun. John Mann, Dunstable st

Watch & Clock makers:

  • Handscomb Ebenezer, Woburn st
  • King John, Dunstable st
  • Whitbread John, Woburn st

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbis Joseph, blacksmith, Woburn st
  • Arnold Robert, corn miller, Dunstable st
  • Boughton Wm., brick maker, Church st
  • Burrows John, joiner, &c. Woburn st
  • Cato John, saddler, Bedford st
  • Coleman Joseph, leather seller, Woburn st
  • Parnell Wm. brazier and tinplate worker, Woburn st
  • Handscomb Ebenezer, jun. furniture broker, Woburn st
  • Hensman Saul. wheelwright, Woburn st
  • May Charles, manufacturlng chymist, and druggist, Market place
  • Morris John brewer, Bedford st
  • Smith Joseph, whitesmith Dunstable st
  • Timms James, breeches maker. Church st
  • WheelerAnn, basket, &c. maker. Woburn st
  • Young Joseph, bricklayer, Bedford st


  • All call at the White Hart.
  • To LONDON, the Pilot, (from Bedford) every Monday, Wednesday ant Friday mornings at eight goes through Silsoe, Luton and St. Albans.
  • To BEDFORD, the Pilot (from London) every Tues, Thurs, & Sat. evenings at 6.
  • To CAMBRIDGE, a Post Coach (from Oxford) every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons at two goes through Bedford. Eaton and St. Neots.
  • To OXFORD, a Post Coach (from Cambridge, every Tues. Thurs. & at noon at twelve goes thro' Woburn, Hockliffe, Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury.


  • To LONDON. - Kingsley's Wagon, from the King's Head, every Tuesday and Friday mornings at nine - & - Whitbread's Wagon, from the Cross Keys, every Mon. and Thurs. mornings at ten.
  • To BEDFORD and WOBURN, David Whiteman, from the Cross Keys, every Sat.