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Bedfordshire - Coroners Records

The Atlas of Coroner's Districts, 1888-1902 [P.R.O. HO 84/3] shows for Bedfordshire: County; Ampthill Honor; Bedford Borough. The records listed below, where asterisked, the dates are usually subject to 75-year closure.

Medieval Records

C. Gross (1896) [for roll JUST 2/46;2/1-4( Pts)]. (1264-76)
R.F. Hunnisett, Bedfordshire coroners' rolls (1265-1380) published by Bedfordshire Historical Record Society 41 (1961).

Public Record Office [class JUST 2/].
Rolls 49-56Henry III [46[, 53-56 Henry III [1-2], 1-3 Edward 1 [2-3], 4 Edward [4;255/1A;265], 9-11 Edward 1 [6] (1264-83)
Bedford Borough Rolls 28-32 Edward 1 [5], 12 Edward II - 4 Edward III [272] (1299-1331).

Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries

Public Record Office for coroners records in King's Bench, Assizes and Chancery. Bedfordshire was part of the Norfolk Assize Circuit together with Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk class reference ASSI 16, 1653-1698. From the 1690's these countines are included in ASSI 35.

County Record Office, Bedford.
County. Appointments, fees, etc. 1865-1966* [CO/App]..
Fees, salaries, etc. 1837-98, 1929, 1960-73 [CO/Fin 1,2,5].
Inquest books 1831-1930* [CO/Inq 2/1].
Inquests accounts re fees 1851-1921 [CO/Inq 2/2].
General office matters, 19th-20th centuries (legislation, circulars, Coroners' Society, etc.) [CO/Off 1-7]..


County Record Office, Bedford.
County Deaths reported 1959-93 [CO/Inq 1/1]
Railway accidents 1924-30* [CO/Inq 1/2].
Home Office returns 1952-63* [CO/Inq 1/3].
Daily records 1972-80* [CO/Inq 1/4].
Files 1972-80* [CO/Inq 2/3].
Inquiries, including archaeological 1965-81* [CO/Inq 3/1,2]
Notices for moving dead bodies out of England 1952-61* [CO/Inv 4].
Statistical return 1980-91* [CO/Inq 7].
Personal papers 1951-1986* [CO/Per].
Inquisition photographs 1955-67* [CO/PH].
Treasure trove 1965-92 [CO/Inq 2/4].

North District.

Corrrespondence 1956-65* [CO/Fin 3].
Daily records 1939-72* [CO/Inq 1/4].
Files 1952-72 [CO/Inq 2/3/NB].

South District.

Daily records 1944-72* [CO/Inq 1/4].
Files 1964-72 [CO/Inq 2/3/SB].
Luton files 1950-72 [CO/Fin 4].


Daily records 1945-74* [CO/Inq 1/4].
Files 1952-74 [CO/Inq 2/3/BB].

It is strongly suggested that for further reading, "Coroner's Records in England and Wales" by Jeremy Gibson and Colin Rogers available from the Federation of Family History Societies, is used from which this information was derived.

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