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Bedfordshire - Militia Lists and Musters 1757-1876


Bedfordshire Muster Lists 1539-1831 by Nigerl Lutt, Bedfordshire Historical Society 71, 1992. Includes most of the rolls listed below [Bedfordshire Muster Lists].

"Size Roll of Major Richard Orlebar's Company, Bedford, 29 May 1767", in Regimental Records of the Bedfordshire Militia 1759-1884 by Sir John M Burgoyne, 1884, page 123.

Levee en Masse List 1803 Oakley parish [Bedfordshire County Record Office HA 15], in 'The 1803 Volunteers', A.J. Weston, Bedfordshire FHS Journal 6, 7 (1988).

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service (BLARS), Bedford

Militia Ballot Lists

1757. Great BArford (72) [FN 1253 pages 118-9] published by Bedfordshire Muster Lists.
1761. Unamed parish (30) [R box 771]
1775. Husborne Crawley (37) [P.49/13/3/1] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists.

Posse Comitatus

1798. Leighton Buzzard people supplying carts and teams for the Wariwcks Militia (21) [QSR 1799/111]

Levee en Masse Lists

1803. Barford, Stodden, Willey Hundreds: (North Beds) (men, 17-55, misc) (6,080) [HA 15/1-4 and AD 1975] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists.

Miltia Enrolment Lists

1760. Barford, Stodden, Willey Hundreds. (90) [OR.1871] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1760-64. Harrold and district.. Men chosen by ballot and substitutes (246) [OR.2071/214, OR.1873, OR.1000]. Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1760-92. County. Officers, sergeants and corporals. Chronological list (300) [R box 771. Book of orders, ppage 621]. No references to private soldiers or parishes of origin.

1763. County. Muster lists arranged by hundred., parish and also by company. (1,000+) [R box 771]. Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1778-83 and 1809-12. Bedford St. Paul's. Service details, all over county (270) [P.1/12/11 and P.1/17] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1779-1811. Potton. Service records, mostly local men (58) [P.64/17/1-4]

1798-1812. Eaton Socon militia papers (c.25) [P 5/17/1-18]

1800-1806. Service certificates, Bedford and county (45) [LC/Mil 2/1] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists pages 136-139

c. 1803. Caddington. Subscribers for hiring of substitutes for army reserve (c.80) [P35/17 uncat.]

1807. 2nd Bedfordshire Militia list of debtors. Names only (c.90). [GA 2478 uncat.]

c. 1807. Biggleswade, Clifton, Wixamtree Hundreds. Men chosen by lot (230) [PM 2688] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1816-31. Barford, Stodden, Willey Hundreds. (400) [GA 2391-94] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1821-22. Biggleswade, Clifton, Wixhamtree hundreds. (40) [ST 1099] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1824-31. Enrolment lists. Bedford and County. (c65) [LC/Cor 1/1]

1831. "Captain. Higgins' Company". Many different parishes across the county (50). [HI.185] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1852-72. County. 18th regiment Light Infantry Militia. Arranged by hundred.; alphabetical order by parish (5,000) [L/CM:1 2/25 (has an index to parishes)]

Volunteer Enrolment Lists

1803-4. Potton and district. Captain Matthew Rugeley's company lists and muster rolls (300) [X.202/88, 95, 106, 120-2, 129, 142-3]

1803-9. Northill and district. Bedfordshire Volunteer Horse Artillery. Muster roll (200) [HY 832] Published Bedfordshire Muster Lists

1860-92. County. Bedfordshire Rifle Volunteers Annual rolls, including parish (15,000+) [LC/Vol 3/1-7]

1860-1901. Bedford town (2000+) [Bedfordshire R.V. Muster Rolls X 550/6/1-2]

Public Records Office

Militia Muster Roll

1809. Bedfordshire Local Militia [WO 68/565].

County Regimental Returns (names listed without location in county)

Militia 1780-1876. [WO 13/99-126].

Supplementary Militia 1803-15. [WO 13/2475].

Local Militia: 1st, 2nd Bedfordshire: 1808-16. [WO 13/3408-9].

Bedfordshire - Tudor and Stuart Muster Rolls

Public Record Office

Muster Rolls

1535. Manshead, Flitt, Biggleswade Hundreds. (1,500+) [E 101/58/15]. 4m 5 or 6 columns per page. Closely written, faded and difficult.
1539. Hundreds of Barford (174), Stodden (156), Willey (246); Bedford town (1720 [E 101/59/6]. 4m
Temp Henry VIII (c. 1539). Flitt hundred (300) [E 36/47].
1597-1600. Eight indenture rolls by name and parish (from 16 to 200 per roll) [E 101/65/13].
1624. Count Mansfeld's expedition. Five lists; names only (200; 100; 100 (poor); 100; 100) [SP 14/179]
1639. Indenture roll, names only, no parishes/hundreds. (80) [SP 16/419]

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service (BLARS)

There is an unpublished TS Guide to Army Lists and Muster Rolls at Bedfordshire County Record Office, compiled by N.K. Lutt.

Muster Lists

c. 1685. Entire county (466) [CH 1].
1699. Barford Stodden and Willey Hundreds. (North Beds)."Major Harvey's company mustered at Bedford" (90) [OR 995]..

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