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Westoning Directory of Trades and Professions for 1864

Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades"
for WESTONING in Kelly's Directory of 1864.

Gentry &c.:

  • Parish Clerk, Joseph Bonner.
  • National Schools, Fred. Workman, master
  • Campion Rev. John William Coventry, J.P. Manor house
  • Pearse Rev. Thomas, M.A. [vicar]


  • Abbis Thomas, Chequers, & blacksmith
  • Aldridge William, farmer
  • Ashby Joseph, butcher
  • Burton Peter, Nag's Head
  • Greig David, land agent to Rev. J. W. C. Campion
  • Higgs Richard, shoe maker
  • Kitchener Alfred, baker
  • Martindale Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, Wood end
  • Mucklestone Richard, shopkeeper & corn dealer
  • Mundav George, wheelwright
  • Olney Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer
  • Pedder Richard, farmer
  • Roberts Joseph, baker
  • Ropkins A. E. shopkeeper
  • Smith George, corn dealer
  • Smith William, farmer
  • Spring Josiah, butcher
  • Spring A. (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  • Spring William, tailor
  • Stanley William, farmer
  • Taylor William, beer retailer


  • Letters received through Woburn.
  • Pillar letter box in the village.