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1613 thomas curr sandon fee hungerford brk dean of sarum nunc will inv 10044 nuncpative will of thomas curr the elder of sandon fee, husbandman. spoken 19 august 1613 in the presence of john curr, robert feelde, thomas curr, steven early and roberte hatt to his three children john, thomas and agnes 30 between them (goods already in their possesion) to agnes 10 more to the rest of his children, margarett, rycharde, mary, christian and dorithie the younger 10 each to daughter margery 20 at the age of 16 years to margery the bed on which he lies [etc] the rest of his household stuff to be divided equally amongst his children. his two daughters christian and margery to be well maintained upon his living until their legacies be paid. overseers: his brother john and neighbour robert feelde of hungerford his executers are his sons thomas and john witnesses: john curr, robert feild, thomas curr, stephen(?) early, robert hatt probate: apud hungerford 9 april 1613 inventory: of the goods of thomas curr the elder of sandon fee, husbandman taken 28 september 1613 by roberte feelde, john curr, thomas curr, steven early, henry curr total 138-3s-6d (lease of the house 70) tristram dolman of hungerford owes him 12s and richard hunt of the bryckhouse 9-15s
[original will]

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