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1662 catherine curr sandon fee hungerford wil dean of sarum will inv comm 10048 will of katherine curr of sandon fee in hungerford, widow, aged and infirm. dated 18 aug 1661 to son thomas curr my maultmill and implements etc as now standng remainder to five other remaining children william curr, francis curr, katherine ball, anne morris, and mary bosley [the mark of katherine curr] in presence of edmund stephens the elder, john fortye, anne mund probate 16th february 1662 oath naming executors as william, francis, katherine, anne, and mary taken by william curr 18th november 1661 witnesses edmund stephens and thomas --------- inventory: taken 6 october 1661, exhibited 9 january 1661/2 sum total 15-12-8 taken by edmund stephens and john forty.

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