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1669 stephen helyer hungerford brk dean of sarum inv bond comm 10171 1) inventory of goods of stephen helliard the elder of hungerford shoomaker taken 20 september 1669 by john forty, roger ricards and richard moore. sum 53-15-8 [all sign] exhibited 24 january 1669 per alicia relict dict defunct 2) bond: presentes nos alice helliare vid et ricardu' cannon victualler in 100 . 20 sept 1669 The above bounden alice helliare wid' adtrix of the goods of stephen helliare late of hungerford shoomaker deceased. sign: alice (x) helliard, richard (x) cannon witnesses: edmund stephens sen, william curr [both sign] 3) commision: stephen helliare your husband [etc].

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