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1625 roger linch newbury brk archd berks deed of gift 10259 1) deed of gift. agreement between roger lynch of newbury, innholder of the one part and anthony lynch son of the said roger lynch of speenhamland innholder on the other part. dated 20 may 1625 roger being aged and growen in years etc. his mansion house in northbrook street in newbury called the red lyon etc. elizabeth lynch mother of anthony lynch. roger lynch is bound to the following: adam blandy 22 mr william young 10-10s mr stamp of pensemore 33 mr gabriell cox 6-10 for rent of grounds mr greene of oxford 7-3s christian blakeson 4-13s for wages pst. my brother robert lynch 35 to john hancock 36s for malt. mr blagrove 10s for a saddle lost in the house mr daniell fuller 28s mr william weston 10-14s-2d for rent past and other articles of agreement etc. witnesses: wiliam bewe, william lynch, john leighton 2) inv. [details given] sum 157-17s-2d

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