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1579 william seymor woodlands lambourn brk archd berks will 10411 will of william seymor of lamborn woodlands yeoman, dated 12 june 1579 [register copy] sick in body, soul to almighty god and to be saved by the merits of christs passion to be buried in the church of churchyard of lamborn to the mother church of sarum 6d to the parish church of lamborn 6s-8d to elizabeth my wife 80 in money and a bed to elizabeth my daughter 30 at age 18 years, if she die the 30 to be given to my son thomas to william presoon my man 3s-4d to raffe arnole my man 3s-4d to william chance one chilver sheep to roger blagrove my man 12d to my uncle john seymor 3s-8d to each of my maid servants 12d to my brother william seymor 10s to my brother philip seymor 10s to my brother thomas seymor 10s to my brother john seymor 10s to each of my godchildren 4d to my sister jon [jane] 6s 8d to my sister elizabeth 6s 8d to each of my cousins, my sisters children 12d if my wife be now concieved with child and the same born and live to the age of 18 years the same child to have 10 in money to my godson roger bullard my sisters son 6s 8d the residue to thomas my son who is sole executor, if he die before the age of 21 years the goods of the said executor to go to elizabeth my daughter if they both die the goods to go to elizabeth my wife, thomas seymor my ___ and philippe seymor my brother to be divided between them equally as my son thomas is of very young and tender age i appoint thomas seymor my father to administer during the nonage of my son thomas overseers: my uncle john loveday and my uncel roger banckes and my brother steven ballard. my overseers to have 12d for their pains witnesses: william curtes, john glymore, john blagrove, philippe seymor and others sum inventory 103-9-5 another inventory 204-15-6 probate: 19 january 1597[ this date is questionable] admons to thomas seymor the father for the use of thomas seymor the son of the deceased during his minority, thomas seymor exhibits a bond with his son philippe seymor to administer faithfully etc.
[questionable date of probate]

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