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Abstract Number 10443

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1646 john sparrow baydon wil dean of sarum inv bond 10443
john sparrowe the elder of baydon, husbandman

1) inventory of the goods of john sparrowe the elder of baydon, husbandman. taken about lammers 1645 by stephen gibbons and richard harris of baydon husbandmen
sum £3-7-4
exhibited 15 october 1646 commis fuit ad etc william lamborne marito jane nuper vid et relict johis sparrow 15 december 1646
2) bond: presentes nos william lamborne de baydon husbandman et anthoniu' snoswell de ogborn st georgii husbandman in £10
15 october 1646
the above bounden william lamborne adtor of the goods of john sparrow the elder of baydon
sign: willem lamborn, anthony (X) snoswell

[above date is of bond]

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