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1610 anthony stroud baydon wil dean of sarum will 10463 will of anthony strowde of baydon, husbandman, weak in body to be buried in baydon to mr john wild minister of ramsbury 5s to the poor of baydon 5s to robert tuckey the younger my best weather sheep to my brother thomas stroude's daughter which is my god daughter a lamb, the best at the nexe sheretime after my decease and to every one of the rest of his children a bushel of barley each to agnis thatcher my god daughter one ewe to my son anthony stroude my best bedsted, and the best presse in my chamber, a gurnard in the loft to keep corn in and my yolinge stone for his life and afterwards to my next son, as standers to the house if god takes me before i shall have bought and taken my lyving for my children then my executors to bargain for and taken the same in the name of my 2 sons, first anthony and then john the fine thereof to be taken out of my goods [etc] the residue of my goods:- to my son john 10 to my daughter ann 10, to my daugter idith 10, to my daughter elizabeth 10 the portion before given to my daughter ann to be paid to my brother in law robert tuckey and employed by him for the maintainance of ann for 5 years after my decease if my wife shall be with child at my decease the same child to have 10 if any or all of my said children die before the age of 21 years or the day of their marriage their portions to the survivors jone my wife to be sole executrix overseers: my loving friend henry smith of baydon gent and my brother in law robert tuckey 21 day of ___ 1609 3&4james1, [testator makes mark] witneses: henry smith, benjamin barley, thomas pine, thomas stratton val inv 103-18s probate 28 august 1610 t

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