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1646 thomas stroud shefford west brk archd berks will 10465 will of thomas strowde dated 20 november 1643 sick in body, of west shefford yeoman [probate copy ?] to the poor of shefford 5 as a stock to alice worome my god daughter 5s to william stroude of fawley [or hawley] my god son 5s to alice hosier daughter of thomas hosier 50s to george sparrow my godson 2s 6d to mary gray my goddaughter 5s to thomas strowde my godson 5s to hanna hidden my godaughter 5s to alexander newman of great bedwin 10s to robert newman son of the aforesaid alexander 10s to margery aprin'ge of tit combe [sic] 10s: to each of her children 12d to my brother john strowdes 3 oldest children 10s each to thomas strowde and john strowde of hidden my kinsmen 2s-6d each to every one of the said thomas's children 1s each to elizabeth gibbes the wife of george gibbes 20s and to every one of their children 1s to thomas haslyn my godson 1s to thomas dore my godson 10s to my sister dorothy 4s to my brother's son robert strowde 10s to my kinsman anthony strowde and to every one of his children 1s the son of lawrence newman of titcombe 1s to william hosier's 3 children, thomas, adam and anne 5s to thomas worowes 3 children 1s to thomas hosier the 5 which he owes me on bond to robert briant's 6 children 5 between them to my brother john strowde of titcombe 2 parts of my land and to margaret my wife the 3rd part during her life and she shall enjoy quietly a part of the house [the chamber etc etc] the residue of my goods to margaret my wife and john strowde of ramsbury my kinsman who i make joint executors. after the death of my wife her part of the estate to be equally divided between her kinsmen and mine at the discretion of john strowde aforesaid and william dore of estgarston yeoman who are overseers if margaret marry then one half of her estate to be divided as aforesaid between her kinsmen and mine witnesses: john wilde, john gray probate: exhibited with inventory at newbury 31 march 1643 and transferred to PCC probate in PCC 1646 to john strowde of ramsbury the son with powers reserved to margaret strowde the relict

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