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1573 bartholomew boney kintbury brk archd berks will inv 10503 Estate of bartholomew waldron als boney of kintbury 1) will of bartholomew waldron als boney of kintbury husbandman [probate copy - also in register] dated 17 june 1573, sick of body, soul to almighty god and jesus christ my redeemer, to be buried in the churchyard of kintbury to the church of sarum 2d to the poor mens box of the parish 2d to my eldest son john my biggest brazen pot and a dripping pan with a broach my eldest son john to go halves with his mother in the plow and cart with their apputenancies, i.e. one yoke of oxen and 3 mares my son john to occupy and enjoy the premises at the full age of 23 years to my youngest son john my second brass pot to my son william my least brass pot to my son bartholmew my least pan and one weaning calf and his mother to breed the calf until it is 2 years old to my daughter agnes my biggest pan to my daughter jone one fforness the residue to katherin my wife who is executrix. if she marry she is to put in securities for the payment of the legacies overseers: john manx and richard jisset [jesset ?] witnesses: john smyth, william curre, richard boney and john hiden with others sum inventory: 20-4-4 probate newbury 8 october 1573, commis to executrix named in the will 2) inventory taken 5 october 1573 by william strong, john shynfyld and thomas hyobes in primis for the holle way a table board and a 'blanley' and a form standing in the hall 2s 2 old candlesticks 4d 3 brass pots, 2 pans, and and old cauldren and a little kettle 13s-4d 2 pewter platters, 2 pottagers, chafing dishes 2s-6d 2 tubbs, 'lygyn' barrel, half a dozen pewter dishes, half a dozen trenchers 23d a dripping pan 8d a pothangle, 1 braoch, 1 little andiron, 1 iron bar, 3 iron weges 6s a matale, a shovel, a axe, a bill 2s an iron beam, 2 leaden weights 2s-8d 1 coat, 1 girkin, 1 doublet, 1 pair of hosen 13s-4d a flock bed, a bolster, 2 pairs of sheets, a old coverlet 10s an old cupboard, a kever, and a trough, 2 old coppers 8d 7 acres of wheat and rye and maslin 4-13s 5 acres of barley 55s-4d a 'jolle' of hay 6s-8d 2 oxen 3-10s 3 mares 3 1 iron bound cart, a cart line, with 1 piece of cart harness, 2 pieces of plow harness, a yoke and a chain praised the plow and the plow iron 33s 1 weaning calf 5s-4d 2 geese, 1 gander 18d 2 hogs 10s sum total 20-4s-4d debts owing: to: roger fygns 11s-6d john fellow 10s steven smyth 21s thomas hethe 6s goodwife wynbolt 3s goodwife tomkyns 4s 10d to john edyn 8s to willyum wyllys 7s to anne bony 2 sheep 4s to jane bony 2 sheep 4s to anne bony 5s for a calf to jone bony 5s for a calf to john bony the elder 12d to bartylimew skarlok14d to rychard burton 12d to elys smyth 2s sum 4-15s-2d [no signatures on inventory]

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