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1666 thomas brown north hidden hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv 10594 will inventory and renunciation: thomas brown 1) will thomas brown husbandman of north hidden, hungerford. dated 28th september 1640 to son john brown, to daughter mary brown, to daughter martha brown (all at 18 years) wife martha executrix to cosen stephen brown overseers: edward eastmond and william hobbes of north hidden witnesses: thomas barrett sen joh: worrall daniel besor (?) probate 15 april 1666 2) inventory taken 13th may 1666 by thomas lampard and edward lovelocke 34-18-04 exhibited 15 may 1666 3) martha brown executrix renounces admon to john brown, natural son of above martha (x) brown 15 may 1666 before joseph wilde and leonard harriell

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