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1662 william checker shaw brk bishop of salisbury will inv bond 10600 nuncupative will, inventory and bond: william checker probate 12 september 1662 1) nuncupative will declared 14th october 1661 in sir thomas dolmans house in shaw to the 2 youngest children of his brother lawrence money of shaw to john checker his son residue to be paid at age of 28 years overseers: sir thomas dolman, john checker his brother, mr peirse the minister 2) inventory - thomas dolman aprayser moneys on bond from simon peeke from lawrence money from william parker from william green from amy cooke from robert norrice owing to him from his master 3-9-2 upon ballancing all amounts from mr cantrill for hay 6s-8d from james bore from farmer awbery for hay sum total 74-7-6 exhibited 12 sept 1662 3) bond mr thomas dolman of shaw & richard grant, gent [both sign] dated 22 sept 1662

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