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1701 richard coxhead hungerford wil dean of sarum will comm 10619
will and commsion: richard coxhead of hungerford yeoman, wilts
probate 30 april 1701
1) will dated 23 august 1690
richard (X) coxhead
witnesses: joseph biss, john toe (x), john butler
to brother john coxhead 20s
brother johnathan coxhead 20s
brother robert coxhead 20s
brother william coxhead 20s
sister jane jeneway 20s
to ann swaite (james swaites daughter) my 2 gold rings and 20s when she is 21
residue to brother jospeh coxhead he to be executor
2) commision
oath by joseph coxhead 10 april 1701

[NB wilts not berks]

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