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1620 thomas martin kintbury brk bishop of salisbury will inv acc 10740 will and account: thomas matyne of kintbury 1) will proved 10 october 1620 dated june 20th 1620 (torn) to _______net martyne my wife sole benefiaciary and executrix witnesses: john squier, bartholomew godfarr (x), bartholomew godfre 2) account made by margaret martyne relict and executrix of thomas martyne of kintbury to julian smith of kintbury to christopher kestall of kintbury to john tuggie of kintbury to john elly of kintbury to john brownjohn of kintbury to john barrow of hungerford to william carter of kintbury clark to bartholomew tull als godfry john friggins, bartholomew godfry 3) inventory dated 20 june ------- william carter, john figgins, john whichurch, edward ryme, barth ____, george smith, batholemew godfer. sum total 21-18s-4d

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