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1677 susan mills north hidden hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor nunc will inv 10744 will and inventory: susan milles of north hidden 1) nuncupative will of susan mills of north hidden attested on 13 september 1676 to my brother thomas milles 1s to brother william belsher 1s to my sister francis belsher 1 pewter platter to each of my sister belsher's children 1s each to 3 of my brother thomas milles' children 1s each and to his daughter francis 10s to my sister mary all my wearing apparell etc to my sister ursula one bed etc to my ant bonsher 2s to my antt ibell 2s to my cusen margary mate 2s to my cusen nathaniell bonner one silver apron my sister ann bonner my sole executrix witnesses hereunto (x) robert baker his mark rose baker probate 27 april 1677 to anna bonner executrix named 2) inventory taken by robert baker and william gentle 19 september 1676 household effects total 26-1-0

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