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Abstract Number 10933

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1610 -------------- huden melksham ? wil dean of sarum will 10933
will of ______ huden
dated __ august 1610 of ____ in county wilts
testator sick in body
[wrongly indexed as luden of melsham]
to the poor of milksham 3s 4d
to mary selfe daughter of isaake ______
to grace selfe daughter of isaake selfe i platter
to anne selfe daughter of isaake selfe i platter
to ____am huden the son of william huden i platter
to mary selfe the wife of isaake selfe i charger (?) and 2 table napkins
to william longe my son in law [etc]: flockbedde which the maidens lyeth upon [etc]
to edward blanchat my servant
to william longe my son in law all my pales, the waynehouse, the mault stonn and all my fier wood
i make my daughter elizabeth shepard sole executrix
overseers: nicholas rutty of milksham co wilts, yeoman and william huden of wurtton in the parish of potterne yeoman
witnesses: william alaude junior and william longe
[the following note has been added in pencil to the will - potterne reg 1609 william long and elizabeth luden]

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