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1777 abiam tubb hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor will 12336 will of abiam tubb of hungerford, berks, yeoman to my brother william tubb 1s to my kinsman john tubb the son of my brother william tubb and sarah tubb the tenement i live in and likewise the tenement that william alexander lives in to thomas tubb the son of william tubb my 2 tenements near the town pond, edward shepherd lives in one and mary wells and her sisters live in the other. to william tubb son of william tubb to george tubb son of william tubb to the daughter of my brother john tubb, elizabeth naxtone, the 4 tenements next to jane betteridge, the first tenement james adams lives in, the second moses pocock, the third elizabeth naxstone to elizabeth maishel my housekeeper my other four tenements at the upper end of town. jonathan barnett lives in one, henry dudmarsh in another, mary barnett in another and edward hallister in the uppermost tenement. to william and thomas tubb my two out of three parts of the late widow coxheads bargin in charnham street [etc, etc] [testator makes mark] Wit: john hidden, benjamin woodham, mary (X) woodham dated 9 sept 1777 probate: 27 oct 1777

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