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1623 john hidden kintbury brk archd berks will 6414 john hidden als glidsdale of kintbury To richard hidden son of my son richard hidden 5s and one sheep, and to his other 3 children one sheep each. To john holdway son of robert houldway 5s and one sheep and to his son richard one sheep. To john hidden my son 50s and my apparell excepting my best hose and best jerkin. To richard hidden my son my best bed and all thereunto belonging my wife to have the use of it during her life and 8 paid to him within one year of my decease, and my best chair. To robert houldway 8 and my second best chair. All the rest of my goods and chattells i give to richard hidden my son and robert houldway to be equally divided between them after the decease of margery my wife whom i make my sole executrix and i appoint as overseers richard knight and richard blandy. The mark of john (X) hidden (seal) Wit: wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy, richard porter, peter (X) powse. Dated 1 july 1622 Probate granted at newbury to the executor named in the will 3 oct 1623 Inventory taken 25 june 1623 by wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy 52-9-3 .Exhibited at newbury 3 oct 1623 for the executor
[seems to grant to executor not executrix. Is this significant?]

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