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Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.

[Transcribed information from Stephen Whatley's Gazetteer of England - 1750]
(unless otherwise stated)

"GOGMAGOG-HILLS, (Cambridgeshire) near Balsham and Newmarket, has a seat of Earl Godolphin, whither he often comes, especially in the hunting season, from whence there is a prospect of a rich pleasant vale to the W. and of Cambridge itself, at a greater distance. On the top of these hills there seems to have been anciently some camp or fortification, in the area of which, K. James II. had a spacious stable built for his running-horses."

"SALSTON, (Cambridgeshire) in a vale near Gogmagog-hills, came, by marriage of Sir John Nevill to the marquis of Montacute's daughter, to the Huddlestons."

"WANDLESBURY, (Cambridgeshire) near Gogmagog-Hills, was a camp of the Vandals, after they had ruined some parts of Britain, and cruelly destroyed the christians."

[Description(s) transcribed by Mel Lockie 2011]

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