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Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.

[Transcribed information from Stephen Whatley's Gazetteer of England - 1750]
(unless otherwise stated)

"WISBICH, (Cambridgeshire) among the fens and rivers, 20 m. N. from Ely, 75 cm. 88 mm. from London, Here William the Conqueror erected a castle, to prevent incursions from the outlaws of Ely. In 1236, all the lands and people hereabouts were drowned by a tempestuous innundation from the sea; but cardinal Moreton Bp. of Ely rebuilt the castle with brick, which in the R. of Q. Eliz. was made a prison for the Romish priests and jesuits. 'Tis now the best trading T. in all the Isle of Ely, having a navigation by barges to London, to which it sends one year with another 52,500 quarters of oats, 1000 tons of oil, and about 8000 firkins of butter, and brings back all sorts of commodities for the supply of the island, and the greatest part of the Co. 'Tis a well-built T. and has a good publick-hall. The Mt. is on S. the Fairs on M. before Lady-day, Palm-M. Whitson-eve, and August 1. This T. was anciently given, together with Walpole, to the mon. of Ely. The Bp. of Ely has a palace here."

[Description(s) transcribed by Mel Lockie 2011]

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