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Camborne - 1856 Post Office Directory

The following extract from the Post Office Directory for Camborne in 1856 has been transcribed by Joan Taber from Colorado, USA.
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ABRAHAM, Susannah (Mrs), Pendarves Arms Inn, Beacon, Camborne
ADAMS, Henry, Farmer, Verne, Camborne
ANDREW, Peter, Farmer & Miller, Mendarva, Camborne
ANGOVE, Josiah, Mine agent, Ramsgate, Camborne
ANGOVE, Thomas, Copper Ore Sampler, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
ANGOVE, William, Farmer, Barripper, Camborne
BAILEY, Samuel, Grocer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
BAILEY, Samuel, Farmer, Roseworthy Hill, Camborne
BARNACOTT, Eliza & Jane (Misses), Boot & Shoe Warehouse, Church Street, Camborne
BARTLE, John, Farmer, Treswethan, Camborne
BASSET Estate Office, Camborne
BATE, Elizabeth (Miss), Milliner & Dressmaker, Cross Street, Camborne
BATH, Thomas, Farmer, Gear, Camborne
BAWDEN, Christopher, Farmer, Borlenoc, Camborne
BAWDEN, Edward, Farmer, Borlenoc, Camborne
BAWDEN, John, Farmer, Preponds
BAWDEN, John, Tailor, Chapel Street, Camborne
BEAZELY, Emanuel, Farmer, Reskajeage, Camborne
BELLMAN, John, Mason, North Parade, Camborne
BENNETT, Elizabeth (Mrs), Grocer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
BENNETT, Jane (Miss), Dressmaker, Cross Street, Camborne
BENNETT, Laity (Mrs), Straw Bonnet Maker, Cross Street, Camborne
BENNETT, Matthew, Boarding House & Farmer, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
BENNETT, Richard, Mine Agent, Albert Street, Camborne
BENNETTS, Abraham, Farmer, Ash Hill, Camborne
BENNETTS, Elizabeth (Mrs), Farmer, Laity, Camborne
BENNETTS, George, Farmer, Carlean, Camborne
BENNETTS, John, Carpenter, Treswethan, Camborne
BENNETTS, Joseph, Shopkeeper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
BENNETTS, Mary (Mrs), Farmer, Race, Camborne
BENNETTS, William, Grocer, Cross Street, Camborne
BERRYMAN, Edward, Beer Retailer, Troon, Camborne
BERRYMAN, Henry, Shopkeeper, Troon, Camborne
BISHOP, Thomas, Tailor, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
BONDS, Abraham, Mason, Centenary, Camborne
BOWDEN, Elizabeth (Mrs), Grocer, Barripper, Camborne
BROWN, James, Shopkeeper, Barripper, Camborne
BRANTON, William, Civil Engineer, Camborne Cross, Camborne
BUDGE, James & Tyack William COCK, Drapers & Grocers, Church Street, Camborne
BUDGE, John Hoskins & Charles, Drapers & Grocers, Church Street, Camborne
BURGESS, Edward, Mine Material Merchant & Manufacturer, Camborne
CADY, John, Jr, Purser of Mines, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
CARTER, William, Farmer, Chytodden, Camborne
CHATTEN, Richard, Commercial Day School, Chapel Street, Camborne
COCK, Bennet, Farmer, Preponds, Camborne
COCKING, William, Wheelwright, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
COOMBE, William, Farmer, Camborne
COOMBS, William, Cowkeeper, Albert Street, Camborne
CORIN, Edwin, Baker, College Row, Camborne
CORNISH COPPER COMPANY, Coal & Timber Yard, Llewellyn Gilbert, Agent
COWLIN, William, Shopkeeper, Bray, Camborne
CROWL, Robert, Hairdresser, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
DAVEY George, Mine Agent, Basset Street, Camborne
DAVEY, John, Ropemaker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
DAVEY, Thomas, Mason, Vyvyan Row, Camborne
DOVEY, Henry, Confectioner, Fore Street, Camborne
DUCKHAM, John, Carpenter, Church Street, Camborne
DUCKHAM, Samuel, Shopkeeper, Church Street, Camborne
DULASTAN, Fanny (Mrs), Dressmaker, Trevenson Terrace, Camborne
DUNCAN, Thomas, Builder, Chapel Street, Camborne
DUNSTAN, John, Grocer, Market Place, Camborne
EDDY, James, Grocer, Cross Street, Camborne
EDDY, Stephen, Miller, Pendarves, Camborne
EDDY, William, Shopkeeper, Trevenson Terrace, Camborne
EDMOND, Alfred, Farmer, Treswethan, Camborne
EDMOND, Richard, Farmer, Treswethan, Camborne
EDMONDS, Edwin, Butcher, Market Place, Camborne
EDWARDS, Edward, Farmer, Camborne
EDWARDS, Elizabeth (Mrs), Stationer & Printer, Market Place, Camborne
ELLERY, John, Brewer, Market Place, Camborne
EVA, Catherine (Mrs), Shopkeeper, Ramsgate, Camborne
EVA, Henry, Farmer, Killevose, Camborne EVA, Thomas, Farmer, Troon, Camborne
EVA, William, Farmer, Ramsgate, Camborne
GARRANCE, John, Farmer, Boswidden, Camborne
GAYE, Henry Searle, Surgeon, Market Place, Camborne
GEORGE, William, Boot & Shoe Maker, Centenary Street, Camborne
GOLDSWORTHY, James, Beer Retailer, Bray, Camborne
GOLDSWORTHY, Paul, Baker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
GUNDRY, John, Dining Rooms, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HARRIS, Thomas, Beer Retailer, Preponds, Camborne
HARRIS, William, Builder, Basset Street, Camborne
HARVEY & CAMBORNE COAL CO, Coal & Timber Yard, John Symons, Agent, Camborne
HARVEY & SON, Cabinet Makers, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HEIBER, William, Shopkeeper, North Road, Camborne
HOCKING, Robert, China & Glass Dealer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HOCKING, Samuel, Watchmaker, Market Place, Camborne
HOCKING, William, Boot & Shoemaker, Boot & Shoemaker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HODGE, John, Miller, Keeve Mills, Camborne
HOLLOE, Thomas, Gardener, Fore Street, Camborne
HOLMAN, James, Blacksmith, Camborne
HOLMAN, James, Wheelwright, Gas Street, Camborne
HOLMAN, James, Ironfounder, Wesley Street, Camborne
HOLMAN, Thomas, Blacksmith, Chapel Street, Camborne
HOSKING, Henry, Boot & Shoe Maker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HOSKING, William, Shopkeeper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
HUGO, Richard, Mine Broker, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
HUTCHINSON, Thomas (Mrs), Farmer, Rosevarne, Camborne
IVEY, Jane (Mrs), Shopkeeper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
IVEY, Wearne, Farmer, Kebelland, Camborne
JACKSON, Mary (Mrs), Farmer, Treswethan, Camborne
JAMES, Peter, Farmer, Boswidden, Camborne
JAMES, William Morley, Linen & Woollen Draper, Market Place, Camborne
JEFFREE, Jeremiah, Farmer, Kebelland, Camborne
JEFFREE, William, Farrier, Roseworthy, Camborne
JENKIN, John, Butcher, Fore Street, Camborne
JENKYN, John, Shopkeeper, Wesley Street, Camborne
JENNINGS, Joseph, Butcher, Tolcarn Street, Camborne
JEWELL, George, Farmer, Killevose, Camborne
JOHNS, William, Grocer, Cross Street, Camborne
JONES, Eliza (Miss), Mistress of British School, Camborne
JOSE, William, Grocer, Fore Street, Camborne
KENDALL, William & TRELEAVEN, John, Builders & Cabinet Makers, Centenary Street
LANYON & HUTCHINSON, Surgeons, Market Place, Camborne
LEAN, Stephen, Mine Agent, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
LEE, Francis, Boot & Shoe Maker, College row, Camborne
LINES, Hugh, Boot & Shoe Maker, Basset Street, Camborne
LUKE & WILLS, Boot & Shoe Makers, Camborne
McCOVEY, Michael, Clothes Dealer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
MATTHEWS, Thomas, Mason, Chapel Street, Camborne
MAY, William, Boot & Shoe Maker, Market Place, Camborne
MERITON ------, Ropemaker, College row, Camborne
MICHELL, George, Surgeon, North Parade, Camborne
MICHELL, John, Mine Agent, North Parade, Camborne
MILLER, Ann Mary (Miss), Mistress of National School, Camborne
MILLS, John, Carpenter, Union Street, Camborne
MORCOMB, William, Carpenter, Chapel Street, Camborne
MORCOMB, William, Carpenter, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
MORRIS, Edward, Butcher, Basset Street, Camborne
MORSHEAD, Ann (Mrs), Dressmaker, North Road, Camborne
NANCARROW, George, Painter & Glazier, Fore Street, Camborne
NEWTON, John vivian, Printer, Stationer & Auctioneer, Church Street, Camborne
NETTELL, Matthew, Chairmaker, North Road, Camborne
NICHOLLS, Edward, Grocer, Wesley Street, Camborne
NICHOLLS, Thomas, Tailor, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
NICHOLLS, William, Hairdresser, Camborne
NOBLE, George, Fishmonger, Union Street, Camborne
OATES, John, Blacksmith, Barripper, Camborne
OLIVER, John, Boot & Shoe Maker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
OLIVER, Thomas, Confectioner, College Row, Camborne
OPIE, Richard, Grocer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
PARKIN, William, Basset Arms Inn, Camborne
PASCOE, Edmund, Coachmaker, Church Street, Camborne
PASCOE, James, Cabinet Maker, Trevenson Terrace, Camborne
PASCOE, Jane (Mrs), Dressmaker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
PASCOE, William, Mine Agent, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
PAULL, Andrew, Farmer, Higher Rosewarne, Camborne
PAULL, Andrew, Jr, Farmer, Higher Rosewarne, Camborne
PAULL, James, Farmer, Rosewarne, Camborne
PAULL, Josiah, Farmer, Roskear, Camborne
PAULL, William, Farmer, Kehelland, Camborne
PAULL, William, Mason, Trevenson Terrace, Camborne
PEARCE, John, Cabinet Maker, College Row, Camborne
PEARCE, Thomas, Mason, Wesley Street, Camborne
PEARSE, Mark Guy, Chemist & Grocer, Market Place, Camborne
PEARSE, Peter, Farmer, Troon, Camborne
PENGELLY, William, Grocer & Porter Dealer, Cross Street, Camborne
PERRY, Daniel, Linen & Woollen Draper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
PERRY, Francis, Shopkeeper, Chapel Street, Camborne
PETERS, Mary (Mrs), Miller & Farmer, Nance Mellon, Camborne
PETHERICK, John, Ironmonger & Tinplate Worker, Market Place, Camborne
PHILLIPS, William, Van Proprietor, Basset Street, Camborne
PIDWELL, Lambert, Plasterer, Fore Street, Camborne
POLLARD, William, Watchmaker, Market Place, Camborne
POWELL, Samuel, Baker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
PROUT, Thomas, Farmer & Beer Retailer, Croon, Camborne
PROVIS, Alexander, Painter & Glazier, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
PROVIS, William, Mine Agent, North Parade, Camborne
PRYOR, Richard, Mine Agent, Camborne Vean, Camborne
REYNALDS, Henry, Farmer, Trevarnicah, Camborne
REYNOLDS, Alfred, Grocer, Wesley Street, Camborne
REYNOLDS, William, White Hart Inn, Market Place, Camborne
RICHARDS, John Henry, Hairdresser, College Row, Camborne
RICHARDS, William, Watchmaker, Albert Street, Camborne
RICKARD, Henry, Beer Retailer, Borlenoc, Camborne
RODD, DARKE & CORNISH, Solicitors, Stewards to the Pendarves estate, Clerks to the Magistrates of the eastern division of Penrith, De Dunstantville Terrace, Camborne
RITSON, Anthony, Farmer, Polstrong, Camborne
ROWE, Hannibal, "Cornish Daws" & Farmer, Treswethan, Camborne
ROWE, William, Baker, Camborne
ROWE, William, Blacksmith, Cross Street, Camborne
RULE, Francis, Basket Maker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
RULE, Henry, Hatter, Market Place, Camborne
RULE, James, Schoolmaster, Fore Street, Camborne
RULE, Jane (Mrs), Dressmaker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
RULE, Joseph, Shopkeeper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
RULE, Richard, Grocer, Market Place, Camborne
RULE, William, Mason, Centenary Street, Camborne
RUNDLE, Thomas, Carpenter, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
RUTTER, William, Mine Agent, Pengigan, Camborne
SANDEN, George, Shopkeeper, Union Row, Camborne
SANDOW, Elizabeth (Mrs), Beer Retailer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
SAUNDRY, Richard, Farmer & Beer Retailer, Croft Michel, Camborne
SHAKERLEY, William, Grocer, Market Place, Camborne
SIMONS, John, Boot & Shoe Maker, Fore Street, Camborne
SMITH, James, Grocer, Centenary Street, Camborne
SMITH, William Bickford, Merchant, Trevn, Camborne
SMITH, William Bickford, Proprietor of Gas Works (William Smith, Manager)
SMITH, William Bickford, General Merchant, Redbrook, Camborne
SODDY, John, Saddler & Harness Maker, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
SODDY, Mary (Mrs), Milliner & Dressmaker, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne>
SPARGO, Thomas, Mason, Centenary Street, Camborne
STEPHEN, Thomas, Farmer, Pengigan, Camborne
STEVENS, William, Farmer & Butcher, Stennack, Camborne
STOCKDALE, William, Railway Inn, Camborne
STONE, Francis, Butcher, Union Street, Camborne
STONE, William, Farmer, Borlenoc, Camborne
SWAINE, Eliza (Mrs), Shopkeeper, Cross Street, Camborne
SYMONS, William, Saddler & Ironmonger, Market Place, Camborne
TANGYE, John, Unicorn Inn, Church Street, Camborne
TANGYE, John, Plough Inn, College Row, Camborne
TANGYE, Samuel, Tailor, Market Place, Camborne
TEMBY, William, Farmer, Preponds, Camborne
TEMBY, William, Farmer, Troon, Camborne
TENBY, John, Butcher, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
THOMAS, Charles, Mine Agent, Killevose, Camborne
THOMAS, James, Grocer, Church Street, Camborne
THOMAS, John, Shopkeeper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
THOMAS, Nanny (Mrs), Dressmaker, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
THOMAS, Richard, Butcher, Troon, Camborne
THOMAS, Thomas, Cornish Mount Inn & Farmer, Barripper, Camborne
THOMAS, William, Boot & Shoe Maker, Chapel Street, Camborne
THOMAS, William, Farmer, Roskear, Camborne
TOY, John, Mine Agent, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
TOY, Mary Ann (Mrs), Milliner & Dressmaker, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
TRENERY, Francis, Boot & Shoe Maker, Tolcarne Street, Camborne
TRENERY, Josiah, Boot & Shoe Maker, Centenary Street, Camborne
TREGENZA, Edward, Master of British School, Camborne
TRELOAR, Benjamin, Miller, Preponds, Camborne
TRERISE, William, Farmer, Gwellyvellyn, Camborne
TREVILLINIAN, Thomas, Shopkeeper, Cross Street, Camborne
TREVITHICK, Peter, Cow Keeper, Chapel Street, Camborne
TUCK, William, Builder, Chapel Street, Camborne
TUCK, William Richard, Dentist & Chemist, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
TURNER, William, Boot & Shoe Maker, Camborne
TYACK, Manuel, Tailor, College Row, Camborne
TYSACK, Thomas, Ironmonger & Auctioneer, Church Street, Camborne
VEAL, John, Vyvyan Arms Inn, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
VIAL, Robert, Tailor, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
VINCENT, Philip, Jr, Surgeon, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
VIVIAN, Elizabeth (Mrs), Shopkeeper, Chapel Street, Camborne
VIVIAN, Hugh Philip, Cooper, Chapel Street, Camborne
VIVIAN, James, Mine Agent, South Terrace, Camborne
VIVIAN, James, Linen & Woollen Draper, Market Place, Camborne
VIVIAN, Joseph, Manager of Mines, Reskadinnick, Camborne
VIVIAN, Joseph, Mine Proprietor, Trevenson Terrace, Camborne
VIVIAN, Nicholas, Manager & Inspector of Mines, Camborne Vean
VIVIAN, William Cock, Mine Agent, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
WADE, Elizabeth & Ann (Misses), Grocers, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
WALES, John Edmund, Butcher, Fore Street, Camborne
WARREN, William Ellis, Master of National School, Camborne
WATERS, Stephen, Farmer, Troon, Camborne
WEARNE, Loveday (Mrs), Grocer, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
WEBB, Stephen, Farmer, Condurrow, Camborne
WEBSTER, John, Beer Retailer, Church Street, Camborne
WHEAR, Charles, Schoolmaster, Treslothan, Camborne
WHEAR, Richard Pryor, Tailor & Draper, Camborne
WHEAR, Samuel, Agent to the Sun Fire & Life Office, North Road, Camborne
WHEAR, Thomas Trevarthen, Printer, Stationer & Auctioneer, Market Place, Camborne
WHITFORD, William, Painter & Gilder, De Dunstanville Terrace, Camborne
WILLIAMS, Alice (Mrs), Draper, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
WILLIAMS, John, Boot & Shoemaker, Fore Street, Camborne
WILLIAMS, John Whitford, Tailor, Market Place, Camborne
WILLIAMS, William, London Inn, Market Place, Camborne
WILLIAMS, William, Currier, Trelowarren Street, Camborne
WILLIAMS, William, Farmer, Preponds, Camborne
WILLYAMS, James Grylls, Agent, Willyams & Co, Miners' Bank, Camborne
WILTON, William, Watch & Clockmaker, Mathematical Instrument Maker, Market Place
YEWENS, William Cape Brice, Solicitor, Chapel Street, Camborne -----

BANKERS: Willyams & Company, Miners' Bank

Caledonian Fire & Life: JOHN DUCKHAM
County Fire & Provident Life: WILLIAM SYMONS
Falmouth Life: THOMAS BISHOP
Globe Insurance Company, T. T. WHEAR
Life Assurance & Annuity Company: WILLIAM RICHARD TUCK
London Union Fire & Solicitors' General Life: WILLIAM C. B. YEWENS
Merchants & Tradesmen's Mutual Life: THOMAS HUTCHINSON
Provident Life: WILLIAM SYMONS
Royal Exchange Fire & Britannia Life: JAMES W. GRYLLS
Scottish Amicable Life & West Provident & Birmingham District: RICHARD HUGO
Scottish Equitable Life: JAMES R. BUDGE
Star Life & Manchester Fire: HUGH ALLEN
Sun Fire & Life: SAMUEL WHEAR
West of England Fire & Life: M. G. PEARSE

Literary Institute
West Cornwall Railway, HENRY SYMONS, Station Master & Clerk
Stamp Office: HENRY VIVIAN NEWTON, Distributor

Registrar of Births & Deaths: THOMAS HUTCHINSON, Surgeon.

St.Martin's Church, Camborne: REV. HUGH ROGERS, Rector; REV. GEORGE HENRY FLETCHER, M.A., Curate.
St.John's Church, Treslothan: REV. GEORGE T. BULL, Curate.
All Saints' Church, Tuckingmill: REV. CHARLES JENKYN, B.A., Perpetual Curate
Holy Trinity Church, Penponds: REV. WM. WRIGHT BUTLIN, Perpetual Curate
Roman Catholic chapel: REV. ROBERT MANSFIELD

National (for boys & Girls), Camborne: WILLIAM WARREN, Master; MISS MARY ANN MILLER, Mistress.
British (for boys & girls), Camborne: EDWARD TREGENZA, Master; MISS ELIZA JONES, Mistress.
NATIONAL (for boys & Girls), Tuckingmill: THOMAS CLOGG, Master; MRS ANN CLOGG, Mistress.

Falmouth - WILLIAM PHILLIPS, daily, Sunday excepted.
Penzance - JOHN ANGOVE, Thursday; ANDRO CLEMO, Daily.
Redruth: WILLIAM BODEN from Helston, Tues & Sat; THOMAS DAVY from Helston, Mon, Wed, & Fri.
Truro - JOSEPH PASCOE, daily, Sunday excepted.