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Bude Haven

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The parish of Bude Haven (Cornish: Porthbud), better known as Bude, is located on the north Cornwall coast. The origin of the name is not known; it could have been taken from an unknown word, possibly connected with water. Bude Haven, or Budeham, was created in 1836 from part of Bude-Stratton parish. The town is now more commonly referred to as just Bude.

The town is famed for its canal. The idea of the Bude Canal was conceived in 1774 by Cornishman John Edyvean originally to carry the chemically rich Bude sea sand to poor inland soils. The project took a number of years to take shape and it was not until 1819 that the Bude Harbour and Canal Company was formed with 330 shareholders. The town is situated on the Atlantic Heritage Coast of Cornwall, adjacent to fine sandy beaches, and on the South West Coastal Path. Bude and nearby beaches provide some of the finest surfing to be had in all England; most beaches have lifeguard cover during the Summer months.

The two civil parishes of Bude and Stratton are once again united as Bude-Stratton parish.



Census information for this parish (1841 - 1901) is held in the Cornwall Record Office. The Cornwall Family History Society offers a census search service for its members. The Cornwall Family History Society have also published on-line census detail by surname on the FamilyHistoryonLine site.

Specific census information for this parish is available as follows:

Church History

Church Records

Civil Registration

The parish of Bude Haven is in the Stratton Registration District and has been since 1st July 1837; there were sub-districts at Kilhampton, Stratton and Week St Mary but these have now been abolished. Parishes within the district are: Jacobstow, Kilkhampton, Launcells, Marhamchurch, Morwenstow, Poughill, Poundstock, St. Gennys, Stratton, Stratton and Bude, Week St. Mary, Whitstone. The Superintendant Registrar can be contacted at: The Parkhouse Centre, Ergue Gaberic Way, Bude, EX23 8LF. Tel: 01288 353209.

Description & Travel


OPC Assistance. The On-line Parish Clerk (OPC) scheme operates a service to help family historians; the OPC page for this parish is available on-line, from where the OPC can be contacted by email.



The standard finding aid for British newspapers of Devon and Cornwall is the Bibliography of British Newspapers (general editor Charles A Toase) published by The British Library 1991. That reference work, which contains the names and addresses of all relevant newspaper repositories, should be available in most good libraries.

The Cornwall section, edited by Jean Rowles, encompasses an alphabetical chronology of publication and availability spans of each known newspaper referenced to publication location. The section on Bude publications reads:

Pub Span Newspaper Availability
1898-1907 Bude & Stratton Directory 1898-1907
1924 to date Bude & Stratton Post  
1984 to date Launceston Bude Holsworthy Gazette 1984 to date

As the availability dates refer only to the earliest and latest issues held, it is necessary to refer to the detailed listings under the name of each newspaper to ascertain whether complete or broken runs are held by repositories.

The complete run of issues is available in the Cornwall Centre Library, in Redruth (formerly The Cornish Studies Centre), on microfilm.

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.


Bude Haven parish was created from Bude-Stratton parish in 1836. It eventually linked up again with Stratton to form the 'Bude-Stratton' civil parish.

  • Population in 1801 - 1257 persons
  • Population in 1811 - 1449 persons
  • Population in 1821 - 1958 persons
  • Population in 1831 - 1973 persons
  • Population in 1841 - 2431 persons
  • Population in 1851 - 2100 persons
  • Population in 1861 - 2100 persons
  • Population in 1871 - 2260 persons
  • Population in 1881 - 2196 persons
  • Population in 1891 - 2224 persons
  • Population in 1901 - 2788 persons
  • Population in 1911 - 3269 persons
  • Population in 1921 - 4342 persons
  • Population in 1931 - 4249 persons
  • Population in 1951 - 5224 persons
  • Population in 1961 - 5124 persons
  • Population in 1971 - 5643 persons
  • Population in 1981 - 6765 persons
  • Population in 1991 - 8125 persons
  • Population in 2001 - 9242 persons (Bude-Stratton, including 4675 persons in Bude only)
  • Population in 2011 - 9979 persons (Bude-Stratton)


Bude/Stratton & District Old Cornwall Society News Page is on-line.


The parish comprises 4294 acres of land.

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