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Cubert Parish Registers

Some Burials (transcribed by Esther Scott)

These are not necessarily in date order, and you are advised to look at the original records to confirm all detail. You are also warned that there is no guarantee that this information is free from transcription errors.

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The following are a few Burials from Photocopies made of CLDS Film # 246767 Cubert Parish Records.

Information is given in the following order: Entry # Forename, Surname, Abode, When Buried, Age

329, Thomasine, WARREN, Cubert, June 13,1855, 26 years.

330, Elizabeth Jane, CARTER, Cubert, July 22,1855, 10 wks.

331, Francis Thomas, GLASSON, Irglaste Cubert, August 2,1855, 6 years

332, Mary Ann, JOB, Cubert Vicarage, August 19,1855 32 years.

333, Sophia, BEER, Treveal, Cubert, August 19,1855, 36 years

334, Margaret, BEER, Cubert, Sept. 10,1855, 7 weeks.

335, William, SAUNDERS, Cubert, January 6,1856, 67 years.

336, Richard, HOBLYN, Cubert, January 26,1856, 57 years.

401, Mary, LAWER, Trebellan Cubert, October 21,1864, 6 years.

402, Ophelia, RICHARD, Trebiskin Cubert, October 29,1864 5 months.

403, Susanna, COAD, Cubert, Nov. ??,1864, 70 years.

404, James, RICKLESS, Cubert, Jan. 1,1865, 75 years.

405, Mary, JAMES, Cubert, Jan. 6, 1865, 27 years.

406, Jonathan, SYMONS, Perranzabuloe, Jan. 9, 1865, 17 years.

407, Thomas, HOBLYN, Treverneck Cubert,April 4,1865, 67 years.

408, Elizabeth, GEORGE, Cubert, April 5, 1865, 54 years.

These are some Hoblyns that I did not photocopy, but transcribed:

Page 12 # 92, Samuel, HOBLYN, Perranzabuloe, April 25,1827, 69 years.

Page 23 Penhol, # 178, Edward, HOBLYN, Perranzabuloe, Sept.12,1837, 3 years.

Page 31 # 245, Jennifer, HOBLYN, Cubert, Feb. 2,1845, 75 years.

Page 32 # 250, Maria, HOBLYN, Invarneck,Cubert, March 7,1846, infant.

Page 38 # 303, Elizabeth, HOBLYN, Cubert, Jan. 31,1853, 51 years.

Page 43, # 339, Elizabeth, HOBLYN, Cubert, July 9,1856, 18 years.

Page 75 # 594, Samuel Thomas, HOBLYN, Byowans Cubert, Nov. 7,1887, 54 years.

Page 75 # 596, Anne, HOBLYN, Kenwyn?Newquay, Dec. 30,1887, 82 years.

Page 77 # 609, Nanny HOBLYN, Byowans Cubert, Jan. 6,1888/90 44 years.


# 594 The Parish record reads Samuel Thomas Hoblyn and the copy of the Certificate of Registry of Death reads as Thomas Samuel Hoblyn?

# 596 The Place of Birth for Anne reads Newquay/Kenwyn, St. Columb Minor????

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