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The parish of Warleggon/Warleggan, (Cornish: Gorlegan), is situated in the Deanery and Hundred of West. It is bounded on the north by Temple, on the east by St Neot, on the south by Bradock, and on the west by Cardinham. It is a small sparsely-populated parish on the edge of Bodmin Moor, dissected by heavily wooded valleys. Until a road was built in 1953 linking it to the A38, it had the reputation of being one of the most remote areas of Cornwall. Mainly a cattle farming region, the hamlet of Warleggan consists of about eleven houses, a church and a chapel. The last vicar to live here, the Reverend Frederick Densham, was boycotted by parishioners and eventually preached to an empty church. He lived the life of a hermit until one day he was found dead in his barricaded house. A book by Daphne du Maurier was based on his story.

The two villages of the parish are Warleggan and Mount.

Most parish and church description(s) on these pages are from Lake's Parochial History of the County of Cornwall by J Polsue (Truro, 1867 - 1873)



Census information for this parish (1841 - 1901) is held in the Cornwall Record Office. The Cornwall Family History Society offers a census search service for its members. The Cornwall Family History Society have also published on-line census detail by surname on the FamilyHistoryonLine site.

Specific census information for this parish is available as follows:

Church History

Church Records

Civil Registration

The parish of Warleggan was originally in the Bodmin Registration District, but it is now in the Liskeard Registration District. There were sub-districts are Bodmin, Egloshayle, Lanlivery and St Mabyn but these have now been abolished. Parishes within the Bodmin district were: Blisland, Bodmin, Bodmin Borough, Cardinham, Egloshayle, Endellion, Helland, Lanhydrock, Lanviet, Lanlivery, Lostwithiel, Luxulion, St. Kew, St. Mabyn, St. Minver Highlands, St. Minver Lowlands, St. Tudy, St. Winnow, Temple, Wadebridge, Warleggon, Withiel.

The Superintendant Registrar of St Austell can be contacted at: Graylands, Dean Street, Liskeard, PL14 4AH. Tel: 01579 343442.

Court Records

Some Warleggan Parish Law Breakers are listed on-line.

Description & Travel



Land & Property

Some information about people and property in Warleggan is available.



Some listings of Warleggan Apprenticeship Indentures are available on-line. Two indentures are on-line:

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

Warleggan parish was part of the Bodmin Union for Poor Law administration and parish relief.


  • Population in 1801 - 116 persons
  • Population in 1811 - 228 persons
  • Population in 1821 - 296 persons
  • Population in 1831 - 274 persons
  • Population in 1841 - 277 persons
  • Population in 1851 - 295 persons
  • Population in 1861 - 295 persons
  • Population in 1871 - 301 persons
  • Population in 1881 - 232 persons
  • Population in 1891 - 206 persons
  • Population in 1901 - 233 persons
  • Population in 1911 - 216 persons
  • Population in 1921 - 217 persons
  • Population in 1931 - 168 persons
  • Population in 1951 - 189 persons
  • Population in 1961 - 154 persons
  • Population in 1971 - 162 persons
  • Population in 1981 - 195 persons
  • Population in 1991 - 201 persons
  • Population in 2001 - 203 persons
  • Population in 2011 - 208 persons


A Warleggan Parish History Group has been formed to research and publish local and family history relating to Warleggan parish. Contact can be made with the Group through the OPC.


The parish comprises 2157 acres of land and 6 acres of water.

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