Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire
(Magna Britannia Vol. 5)

Sheldon - by Daniel and Samuel Lysons, 1817

Transcription by Barbarann Ayars © 2001
[Included with Lyson's Magna Britannia Vol 5: Derbyshire, page 23-41: BAKEWELL]
The hamlet or township of Sheldon was, from a very early period, parcel of the Manor of Ashford. Griffin, son of Wenonwyn, alienated it in the reign of Henry III, to Geoffre de Pickeford; it was afterwards reunited to Ashford. The minister of the chapel is apointed by the vicar of Bakewell, to which church it is a chapel of ease.

Mary Frost, who died in or about the year 1754, gave the interest of 100 pounds four per cents for apprenticing a poor child of this hamlet.

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[From Lysons Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire, 1817.
Transcription kindly donated by Barbarann AYARS, 22nd Aug 2001]

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