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Victims of the
1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead

List of Dead

Transcribed by Emily M.C. Middleton

Name Age Occupation Abode Other Information
Charles Bertram   Justice of the Peace West Street, Gateshead Buried in ruins
Robert Pattinson 38 Tanner/Town Councillor Newcastle  
William Davison 22 Son of William Davison Gateshead Steam Flour Mill  
Cranbourne Hastings Paynter 19 Ensign of 26th Cameronians   Son of magistrate at Hammersmith
John Stephenson 34 Lance Corporal of the 26th Cameronians    
Anthony Willis 60 Skinner with Mr. Wilson    
Charles Hamilton 50 Hairdresser Church Street  
Charles Hamilton   Carpenter   Nephew of Charles Hamilton
Charles Duke 45 Bricklayer/Foreman to Mr. Edward Bruce    
Charles Duke 12 Apprentice to Mr. E. Bruce   Son of Charles Duke
Thomas Duke 27 Gateshead Police Force    
Frank Conway 6   Observer Office Yard Son of Daniel Conway, Blacksmith
James Mosley 24 Shacklemaker, Abbott & Co Oakwellgate  
Samuel Hart 44 Labourer with Mr. J. Snowball Church Walk  
Mary Hart   Wife of Samuel Hart Church Walk Not found
John Hart 15 Son of Samuel Hart Church Walk  
Mary Ann Hart 8 Niece of Samuel Hart    
Martin Hall 52 Fireman (North British) Gallowgate, Newcastle  
James Todd 22 Fireman (North British)    
William Battersby Scott 24 Workman (Hawks and Crawshaw's)   Son of Mr Thomas Halliday Scott
Mary Bewick 9   Church Walk  
Peter May 67 Labourer    
James Weallams 28 Worsted weaver (Mr. Wilson)    
Sarah Hutchinson 65 Spinster Rabbit Banks Killed by fright
Robert Affleck 70 formerly of Hawks and Crawshaw's works Church Walk Died of Shock
Henry Harrison 34   Mosley & Dean Street, Newcastle Son of Henry Harrison, Gateshead
Thomas Sharp 27 Gentleman 7, Summerhill Terrace, Newcastle Son of late Mr. Sharp, Paxton Dene, Northumberland
Alexander Ralph Dobson 25   Newcastle Son of John Dobson esq Architect
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