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Victims of the
1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead

List of Those Who Died
in the Infirmary [Newcastle]

Transcribed by Emily M.C. Middleton

Name Age Occupation Abode Injuries
Richard Dodds 39 Labourer Gateshead Wound of Scalp, fractured skull, extensive burns
John Young 19 Wood Turner Gateshead (of Edinburgh) Laceration of brain, extensive burns
James Dalrymple 41 Miller (With Mr. Davison) Gateshead Fracture of spine
Ellen Short 28 Servant with Mr. Davison   Contusious fracture of ribs and scapula
John Humble 28 Painter Pipewellgate Fracture of Pelvis, laceration of bladder
Isaac Anderson 40 Fireman (foreman)   Laceration of arm, fractured wrist, bruised chest
Mary Kerss 21   Church Walk Contusion of abdomen, fractured pelvis, lacerated bowels
Anne Ludlow 54 Tripe Dealer, Widow of Walter Oakwellgate Compound fracture of arm and scapula, amputated at shoulder joint
William Williamson 56   Gateshead Fracture of ribs, scalp wounds etc
William Weir 30 Labourer Felling Concussion of brain
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