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Victims of the
1854 Fire and Explosion in Gateshead

List of In-Patients
at the Infirmary [Newcastle]

Transcribed by Emily M.C. Middleton

Name Age Occupation Injuries Abode
Robert Johnson 32 Baker Fractured ribs  
Henry Keenan 19 Glassmaker Bruises  
George Dolan 28 Labourer Scalp wound  
John Gough 33 Labourer Fractures - arms & legs, burns etc Gateshead
Robert Hoggett 19   Scalp wounds, concussion of brain Gateshead
Michael McNally 28 Labourer Broken ribs, burns Gateshead
Martin Doyle 18 Labourer Scalp wound, fracture of ribs, burns Gateshead
James Dixon 35   Extensive burns  
William Lee 18 Blacksmith Scalp wound, concussion of brain  
Thomas Lindsay 24 Blacksmith Compound fracture of right leg  
Robert Blair 27 Soldier Scalp wounds  
John Wilkinson 19 Soldier Burns, bruises and wounds  
William Thompson 32 Cooper Fracture of limbs, wounds of face etc  
John Wheatley 35 Skinner Fracture of thigh, scalp wound Gateshead
Hugh McGuire 28 Labourer Fracture of ribs Gateshead
John Dodd 10   Compound fracture of skull and metacarpel bones Gateshead
Michael Dunn 21 Labourer Fissure of skull, wound of face Gateshead
Edward Tunstall 28   Scalp wound, bruise of face Gateshead
James Turnbull 21 Glassmaker Bruise of left leg Gateshead
Andrew McCree 30 Brickmaker Extensive scalp wounds, bruises Gateshead
Matthew Brown 54 Labourer Bruise of back Gateshead
Robert Johnson 32 Baker Fractured ribs  
Henry Murton 38 Soapmaker Compound fracture of ilium and thigh Gateshead
John Gibson 31 Labourer Injury to eyes Gateshead
William Miller 18 Glassmaker Fractures Gateshead
Robert McDonald 30 Labourer Compound fractures of fibula  
Elizabeth McMillan 16m   Fracture of skull, bruises, burns etc  
Peter Coggins 11   Scalp wound etc Gateshead
Bridget Coggins 40   Wounds and bruises Gateshead
James Nicholas 7   Fracture of skull Gateshead
Ann Gibson 20   Wound of eyeball and scalp Gateshead
Ellen Farney 3   Fracture of skull etc Gateshead
Catherine Phelan 50   Wound of thigh etc  
Alice MacLean 50   Laceration of feet  
Mary Simpson 38   Burns  
Jacob Watson 27   Compound fracture of skull etc  
Thomas Mather 17   Fracture of skull, legs etc  
John Anderson 27 Labourer Compound fracture of metatarsel bones etc  
Thomas Price 25 Labourer Bruises Gateshead
John White 51 Hatter Compound fracture of humerus, radius, ulna and fracture of right ilium  
Ralph Little   Police Inspector Fracture of ribs and ulna and partial dislocation of ankle  
Mary Ward 21   Leg wound Gateshead
James Oubridge 17 Sailor Burns  
Thomas Clark 25 Labourer Bruises Gateshead
Thomas Ferguson 30   Knee Injury Elswick
Jane Walkins 4   Burns  
John Smith     Sprains and burns  
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