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Canon Pyon, Herefordshire, St Laurence's Church - a List of Vicars

1300 Hugh Flolkbridge 1700 Thomas Husbands,  M.A.
13.. Lucian 1720 Thomas Cholmley,  M.A.
13.. Edmund Bray 173 Thomas Daw,  M.A.
1350 Thomas Mutlow 1756 Thomas Woodcock,  D.D.
1414 Richard Rogers 1774 Thomas Kidley,  M.A.
.. Desunt 1814 Christopher Jones,  M.A.
1562 David Walters 1853 Thomas Cockbone Dawes,  M.A.
1605 Philip Knapp 1881 George Frederick Bulmer,  M.A.
1639 Jonathan Dryden 1920 Lewis Philip Jones,  B.A.
1645 Thomas Griffiths, Ejected 1650 1928 Robert Henry Freeman,  M.A.
1651 Thomas Bedford, Removed 1660 1931 John Henry Roberts,  B.A.
1660 Thomas Griffiths, Restored 1953 George Mackereth Maudsley,   M.A.
1672 Daniel Wycherley, Rector of Whitney 1965 William Noel Tavenor
1677 Thomas Griffiths, Replaced 1988 Charles Michael Burke,  M.A.
1682 Herbert Hook    



[Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie - this list is intended for private research purposes only]


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