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Geographical and Historical information from the year 1932.

[Transcribed and edited information from The Victoria County History series- 1932]

"HEMINGFORD ABBOTS, the parish and village lies south of the Ouse which forms its northern boundary. Near the river, the land is liable to floods but the ground rises to over 100 ft above sea-level in the south. The soil near the river is gravel and loam, but in the north it is stiff clay growing wheat, barley, oats and beans.

The village is almost continuous with that of neighbouring Hemingford Grey, and stands near the south bank of the River Ouse, and about one mile north of the road from Godmanchester to Cambridge, from which branch roads lead to the village. The village street follows the line of the river, the church standing on its north side where the river widens around Batcock Island. To the east of the church is the Manor House and to the west is the Rectory. There are several 17th century cottages in the village.

On the east side of the cross roads, about 250 yards south-east of the church, is the base of a wayside cross with part of the stem, and on the east side of Watts Lane are the remains of a homestead moat, possibly the site of the Manor House of William de Hemingford.

The local area consists mainly of farmland, and also provides dormitory accommodation for the population working in nearby towns."

[Description(s) transcribed by Ian Argall and later edited by Colin Hinson 2010]
[from The Victoria County History series - 1932]

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