Dob Lane Unitarian, Failsworth

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Unitarian church,
Dob Lane,

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cleared graveyard


First chapel 1698


Second chapel 1879



The church has/had a graveyard.

Church History

It was founded in 1690.

The chapel was formed due to the Rev John Walker being ejected from Newton Chapel in 1622 and ended up holding services in a barn in Culcheth (Newton).

The first baptism was in 1690, the chapel built in 1698 and the first burial 1701.

In 1850 the chapel was licensed for marriages in 1850 and a placard placed in the district to announce that people could be legally married there without the threat of transportation (the existing penalty for not marrying in the local Church of England).

The original chapel was replaced in 1879 by a building in the Early English style which survived until the 1970s when it was replaced by a smalller building more suited to the needs of the congregation.

Unitarians believe in the Unity or unipersonality of God, as opposed to the doctrine of the Trinity - hence the name 'Unitarian'. Unitarianism only became legal in 1813 but was particularly influential in the 19th century.



Church Records

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