Places without Library details

We need to know the relevant Local Studies library for the following places. Please note that many places will have a branch library, but it is not these that are required. There is normally just one library in an area which specialises in local studies information, and it is this one that I need.

Please tell me the name from the list below, and which library holds the information. Users will require the address and if possible the phone number of the library. If I already have that information on another page, then I only need the name of the town.

Please look at the following list which contains links to the relevant place. If you are unsure about where the place is then click on the small map shown at the top of each page and it will show you a more detailed one. If you know which Local Studies library covers this place, then please use the link at the bottom of the town page to provide us with the information.


... information required for 2 places.