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Woodland & Heathwaite residents 1882

From Mannex's directory of Furness and Cartmel, 1882.

Marked 1 reside at Heathwaite, and 2 at Woodland; the rest where specified.

Black Robert, wood bailiff, Woodman's cottage
2 De Skelton John Dodson, Esq., LL.B. Camb., and J.P. Cumb., Woodland hall
1 Fox Andrew, postmaster, Grizebeck Frearson James, maltster and shop keeper, Grizebeck
1 Kirkby Ireleth Board School, Grize beck; Annie Begg
1 Postlethwaite James, registrar of births and deaths for Broughton West District, and relieving officer, Bank end, Grizebeck
2 Redhead Mr. Solomon, Spunham
2 Smith John H., station master, Woodland
1 Smith William, gentleman, Moor house
2 Statter Mr. David, Bowbridge house


Barr William, Haverigg holme
1 Barwick Edward, Farhouses
1 Barwick John (yeoman), Fellgate
2 Benson John, Hawes
1 Casson Robert, Knittleton
1 Dodgson James (yeoman), Moorhouse
1 Duckett Charles, Tenterbank
1 Gaitskell Robert, Ellermire, Grizebeck
2 Garnett William, Bridge end
1 Jackson William, Heathwaite Gate farm
2 Johnstone Thomas, Thornthwaite
2 Johnstone William, Row Ridding and Green moor
2 Lewthwaite William & T., Ring house
1 Long Matthew, Beckstones
2 Mansergh Hannah, Climbstile
1 Mason Thomas James (yeoman), Ashlack hall
1 Nelson Matthew (yeoman), Hill
1 Phizacklea Matthew, Ashlack hall
Postlethwaite Sarah (owner), Bank end, Grizebeck
1 Riley John, Knott end
1 Stables Joshua, Wellwood
2 Stephenson Isaac (yeoman), Raisthwaite
1 Wearing William Henry (and woodmonger), Low Heathwaite