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The LPRS has been transcribing parish registers for over a hundred years and in that time has been almost the only transcribers of Lancashire Anglican registers. However, copies of registers have now become more easily available, and tools such as computers have made the task of publication easier, enabling other groups to take part in trasncribing and publishing them. This has sometimes led to frustration when two groups have found that they have unknowingly been duplicating the work and thus wasting effort.

We therefore wish to promote a scheme to record work in progress and to make this information easily available. This will hopefully avoid such conflicts and provide a mechanism to enable contact to be made between groups and individuals when tahn one has an interest in specific church registers. The LPRS has no plans to transcribe anything but Anglican registers, but want to provide this record of work in progress for all denominations of Lancashire church and burial registers.

Method to be employed

The GENUKI church database aims to provide a unique web page for each Lancashire church which will include details of the location of all known registers, transcripts and indexes. A topic on the page will be used to record work in progress on any transcriptions or indexes which is being undertaken. The technique which should be employed to get details of transcripts being undertaken is as follows:
  1. Search the church database to find the relevant church and use the contact link at the bottom of the church page to provide the details. This helps ensure that the entry for the correct church will be updated.

    The church database is in itself 'work in progress' so some basic details may be required before a unique page can be generated on which to enter details of the work in progress. Basic details of most of the main churches is in place, but for a few the exact location is required as part of the basic details.

  2. The details of the transcript which should be provided via the link will hopefully contain the following items. The more information the better it will be but some information will not be appropriate in all cases.
  3. As you have an interest in the church why not consider providing some facts to add to the church web page, such as a note about its history, and make sure there is record of the location of all existing registers, transcripts, indexes etc. Denton, St. Lawrence is a good example of what can be provided.
  4. When the transcript has been completed use the link on the church page to get the status updated and at this point it will remain under the 'Work in progress' heading until it has been published and made available to researchers.
  5. Once published again get in contact and details will be added under the 'Transcripts' or 'Indexes' heading so that future researchers will be able to obtain a copy of your work.

How will it look?

Take a look at Gressingham as an example of a church database page with most of the church details present and for which a transcript is in progress.

This system has been designed to minimise the amount of work required to keep it up to date, and also to help eliminate some of the queries that might arise from researchers, particularly the naive. There is therefore a standard header and trailer round each entry which is stored at a single point thus making it easy to make global additions of text if the need arises. The header at the moment just contains the title, whilst the trailer contains the comments which appear in italics.

Completed transcripts/indexes

The church database is itself 'work in progress' and there will be a number of completed transcripts or indexes that are not recorded in it. If you identify any of these then again use the contact link on the church page to provide details which should also help against duplication of effort, and will help bring the work to the attention of researchers.
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