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Membership is open to all persons or institutions upon payment of an annual subscription which entitles you to receive one copy of everything we publish during the year, together with the opportunity to purchase publications at a substantial discount. A Banker's order form is included with the subscription form for those members who wish to pay by this method (our preferred method), but members may make payments by cheque, postal order, sterling draft, etc. as desired. Whilst the Society is a registered charity, we are unable to benefit from Gift Aid claw-back because as members, we receive benefits greater than 25% of our annual subscription.


The current rate of subscriptions are 25 for private members and 35 for institutional members. Membership begins 1st January each year.

Data Protection Act

The names and addresses of members are kept on a computer database, and used to assist the regular mailings of the Society. They are also included in the handbook published by the Society from time to time. If you object to the inclusion of your details in the computer database, please let the Secretary or Treasurer know when you join the Society.

How to join

You can join the society by:

Registered Charity No 511396

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