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August, 2011

General web page updates:
  1. -- None, yet --

Parish profiles changed:
  1. Asfordby: Worley's book noted, Church Records section expanded, Military Records section added.
  2. Barwell: Barwell meteorite documented, WIlliam Bradford noted.
  3. Breedon on the Hill: Parish profile completed.
  4. Burton on the Wolds: Parish profile created.
  5. Cold Overton: Church History, Manors, Politics and Schools sections added, Description section revised, 1801, 1811, 1841, 1881, 1891 and 1901 pop. table entries inserted.
  6. Frisby on the Wreake: Parish profile created.
  7. Hemington: Parish profile created.
  8. Hoton: Church History section expanded.
  9. Kibworth Beauchamp: Newspapers section added.
  10. Laughton: Parish profile created.
  11. Loddington: Parish walk info has disappeared, so web link has been deleted.
  12. Lubenham: Description section expanded, council links added.
  13. Maplewell: Parish profile created.
  14. Rotherby: Link to poorlaw union added.
  15. Shepshed: Library, Manors and Societies sections added, village website link added, History section expanded.
  16. Shoby: Current political affiliations documented.
  17. Stoughton: Parish profile created.
  18. Thorpe Arnold: Link to poorlaw union added.
  19. Tugby: Registration sub-district added, 1871 pop. table entry inserted.
  20. Wymeswold: Village link corrected.

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