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Bardney War Memorial

The war memorial claerly stands out in this photo of an intersection in Bardney.

Bardney intersection

We have this list, researched by Eric Walter, of the names which appear on the memorial, as well as information about the unit and cemetery, where known. All are from World War I.

Surname  Given names  Brig.  Btn. Died  Cemetery Notes
ALLEN Samuel 7 South Lancs 22-Oct-16 Thiepval Mem a
ANGUS Joseph 5 W Yorks 3-May-17 HAC Cty
BOSWORTH Henry   c
BOYES Ernest Remount Depot ASC 21-Jun-15 Netley MC b
BUSLEY Fred 15 HTM RFA 29-Oct-17 Level Crossing Cty
CHAPMAN Arthur 8 Lincs 28-Apr-17 Chili Trench Cty
COCKETT John   d
COUNSELL Richard 1 Northants 3-Apr-16 St Patricks Cty
DIXON Albert 5 W. Yorks 3-May-17 Arras Mem
GARRILL Harry #4 depot RFA 15-Oct-18 Bardney Cty
HAZZARD William   d
MADDISON John Robert 8 Lincs 3-Oct-17 Tyne Cot Mem
MORLEY James 10 Essex 21-Mar-18 Noyon NBC
NORTH Albert     c
OVERTON Tom 2 Hampshire 16-Aug-17 Tyne Cot Mem b
PARKER Ernest 3 Lincs 12-Oct-18 Bardney Cty
POLLINGTON  Charles R. 6 Liverpool 28-Oct-18 Bardney Cty
POLLINGTON Robert J. 341 RE Rlwy Con 1-Apr-19 Bardney Cty
RAWSON William 7 Lincs 24-Aug-15 Menin Gate
SMITH George William 2 Bedford 16-Dec-16 Berles Position MC
SMITHSON Thomas 119 RHA 13-Feb-18 Bardney Cty
STONES Charles Edward 8 S. Foresters 27-Jun-15 Hooge Crater
TETHER William     c
TOOD Fred 5 London Rifle 29-Aug-18 Vis en Artois Mem
TOOD George 1 Lincs 1-Nov-14 Menin Gate
TOOD John Edward 1 Lincs 16-Jun-15 Menin Gate


  1. ALLEN also appears on the Branston memorial.
  2. BOYES and OVERTON appear on the Market Rasen memorial, also.
  3. Not found in CWGC database.
  4. Entries in CWGC database are NOT a sure match.

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