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Freiston (or Frieston)

NOTE: There is also a Frieston hamlet in Caythorpe parish, Lincolnshire.


Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 607
1851 H.O. 107 / 2098
1861 R.G. 9 / 2333, 2334 and 2375
1871 R.G. 10 / 3337 - 3338
1881 R.G. 11 / 3215
1891 R.G. 12 / 2571
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Church History

St. James parish church

St. James parish entrance

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Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Description and Travel

Freiston, or Frieston, is both a village and a parish in Lincolnshire, 3 miles east of Boston. The parish covers about 5,200 acres of low, well-drained Fenland.

White's 1872 Directory describes "a pleasant straggling village, bearing the names of Church end and Halltoft-end." The parish also includes the hamlets of Freiston Shore and Crane-end (or "Scrane End"). If you are planning a visit:

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Year  Person
1842 Wm. Anthony SWIFT
1872 William Anthony SWIFT, butcher
1882 Samuel STRAWSON, horse dealer & vict.
1900 Sam. STRAWSON
1913 Eldred JARY
1930 Geo. Hy. BRADY
Year  Person
1842 Wm. HACKNEY
1872 Joseph SEWELL, farmer & vict.
1882 Mrs. Jane SEWELL, farmer & vict.
1900 John Thomas ROWBOTHAM
1913 Mrs. Matilda RICHARDSON
1930 Mrs. Matilda RICHARDSON
Year  Person
1842 Thos. PLUMMER
1872 Mrs. Elizabeth GOOSE, farmer & vict.
1882 Mrs. Eliz. HATTER, vict.
1900 Daniel B. WALDERGRAVE
1913 Thomas Charles HARRISON
1930 Anthony Abbott BELLAMY
Year  Person
1842 Christhpr. TOLLIDAY
1872 John LEGGOTT, vict.
1882 Mrs. Helen WELBERRY, vict.
1900 Mrs. Helen WELBERRY
1913 Joseph ALMONDS
1930 Mr. Elizabeth WARRENER
Year  Person
1842 Wm. HURST
1872 William HICKMAN, vict.
1882 John LEGGOTT, vict.
1900 Jn. LEGGOTT, farmer
1913 Mrs. Matilda LEGGOTT
1930 Fredk. BOSNELL
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Military History

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Military Records

Three Canadian airmen are buried in the parish churchyard. All perished in accidents while flying Sopwith Camels:

We have the inscription from the War Memorial in a pop-up text file. The names were supplied by John Emerson in 2002.

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Names, Geographical

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Politics and Governance

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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    Year  Inhabitants
1801 734
1821 816
1841 1,136
1851 1,080
1871 1,134
1881 1,105
1891 973
1911 1,024
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Probate Records

Kitty PARKER provides a transcript of the will of MORFOOT, Benjamin of Freiston.

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