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"Grantham is a market town and borough, both corporate and parliamentary, in the parish and soke of its name, parts of Kesteven - 110 miles N by W from London, 24 SSW from Lincoln, 21 NW from Stamford, and 14 SW from Sleaford. It is situate on the River Witham, and on the ancient Roman road called Ermine Street; and the great north road from London to York passes through it. Grantham, during the parliamentary war, was an object of interest with the contending parites, and the scene of the first advantage gained by Cromwell over the royalists. The town consists of three distinct sections, the Borough, Spittlegate and Little Gonerby, each having its own regulations, but so united as to form one compact well-built town, the aspect of which is busy and respectable, and its environs exceedingly pleasant: within the last five or six years the number of buildings and inhabitants has increased very considerably."
["Directory of Lincolnshire," PIGOT & Co., 1841]


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Year LDS Film/Fiche No. Piece Numbers LFHS Surname Index
1841 0438760 H.O. 107 / 625 Fiche
1851 0087732 H.O. 107 / 2102 thru 2103 Booklet
1861 0542958 R.G. 9 / 2350 Fiche
1871 0839360 R.G. 10 / 3358 & 3359 Booklet or Fiche
1881 1341770 R.G. 11 / 3229
1891 6097694, 4 fiche R.G. 12 / 2582 &2584 Booklet or Fiche
1901   R.G. 13 / 3055  
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Church History

Saint Wulfram's church

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Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Correctional Institutions

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Description and Travel

Grantham is an ancient parish, borough and market town in the west of the county, 24 miles south-west of Lincoln and 110 miles north of London on the old Great North Road. The parish covers about 5,000 acres and includes the hamlet of Walton.

The River Witham flows through the town in a northerly direction. If you are planning a visit:

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A number of commercial directories exist for Grantham. The most commonly known directories are White's, Pigot's, Kelly's and the Post Office Directory. The town's entry will normally include:

  1. A town history, location and current status & facilities, postal services, coaches, trains, schools, churches, etc.
  2. The dates of annual fairs and the day of the week for "market day".
  3. A list of Trades, and within each classification, the tradesmen.

Whites's and Pigot's directories can be found for the early 1800's. Kelly's Directories begin in the latter part of the 1800's.

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Grantham was visited twice by King John. The last time was in 1213.

Grantham has a connection with the wife of Edward I, Queen Eleanor. Grantham was the first place that her body rested after her death in 1290.

Grantham received its first corporate charter from Edward IV in 1463.

History credits Grantham as being the place where Cromwell first had success against the Royalists in May of 1643.

The town used to hold a number of fairs for farm animals and agricultural products up until the early 1900's. More recently, Margaret Thatcher has written about Grantham as her girlhood home.

Grantham tripled its population between 1801 and 1871, primarily because of the completion of the navigation canal to the Trent River. Find out more about this canal at Grantham Canal Org.

Available from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City is Edmund TURNOR's 200 page "Collections for the history of the town and soke of Grantham," publ. 1806, which is available on microfilm no. 990118, item #1. They also have a copy of Malcolm KNAPP's "Grantham : a pictorial history," publ. 1990 by Biddles, Ltd., but only in book form. Call no. is 942.53/G5 H2.

Grantham was a center for entertainment for the surrounding communities. The Empire Theatre was one of many popular places in the late 19th century. Here's a photograph taken around 1965 of the building:

Empire Theatre

Grantham was the first place in the world to recruit and use women police officers in 1915. Mrs. Edith SMITH was sworn in by Grantham magistrates and given full powers of arrest.

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Medical Records

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Military History

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Military Records

Compliments of Chrissie WALTON:

"Local Men who are Serving King and Country"

  1. Father and five sons, Robert SHERRIFF, senr. Mine-Sweeping, Will SHERRIFF, Mine-Sweeping, George Ernest SHERRIFF, R. SHERRIFF, junr. Mine-sweeping, Joe. SHERRIFF, Mine-Sweeping, Jack SHERRIFF, Mine-Sweeping.
  2. Ptr. E.A. WELTON, Army Service Corp. On active service.
  3. Emerton Walter
  4. Hickman Frederick
  5. Kisington Mark
  6. Mears Laurence
  7. Napping William
  8. Saxelby Charles
  9. Saxelby Walter
  10. Waltham Horace
  11. S.H. BROOKES, junr. H.M.S. Cornwallis
  12. Drvr. S.S. BEE, 2nd. 1st N.M.B., R.F.A.
  13. Pte. W. BROWN, 1st Leicesters
  14. Sergt. J.W. IMISON 1st N.M.B.
  15. - ELLIOTT, H.M.S. Iron Duke
  16. John GIRLING, 5th Lincolns
  17. Ptr. H. FINCH, Royal Marine L.I. died of wounds received in GALLIPOLI
  18. W. ROWLEY, 1st N.M.B. R.F.A. On active service
  19. G. ROWLEY 5th Lincolns, on active service
  20. C. ROWLEY, Wireless telegraphist, H.M.S. Roxburgh
  21. N. BALL, Mine-sweeping
  23. JACK FOLEY, R.N.
  24. George FOLEY, R.N.
  25. Driver SMITH R.F.A. (of Immingham)
  26. S.H. BROOKES, senr. Mine-Sweeping
  27. Drvr. J. DIMBLEBY, R.F.A.
  28. Ptr. F.W. MOWFORTH., Army Service Corps
  29. W. ROBERTS, R.F.A. On active service
  30. Wilfred LAMIE, Mine-Sweeping (married Elsie IMISON)
  31. W.C. JAY, 1st Class Stoker, H.M.S. Princess Royal
  32. J. AKID, H.M.S. Achilles
  33. Gnr. ALLINGTON, R.F.A.

Michael PECk records these names from the South African War Memorial at St. Wulfram:

  1. T. A. BAKER, Corporal
  2. C. B. THOMPSON, Private
  3. A. A> ROYCE, Private
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Names, Geographical

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Names, Personal

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Officials & Employees

Mr. Arthur HUTCHINSON was Mayor in 1902.

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Politics and Governance

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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    Year  Inhabitants
1801 4,288
1821 6,077
1831 7,427
1841 8,691
1851 10,870
1861 11,121
1871 13,225
1891 16,746
1901 17,593
1911 20,070
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