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Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 620
1861 R. G. 9 / 2344
1871 R.G. 10 / 3351
1881 R.G. 11 / 3224
1891 R.G. 12 / 2580
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Church History

Saint Swithin Church

Leadenham Church Ext. - Leadenham Church font

Leadenham Church Bishop

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Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Description and Travel

The village and parish of Leadenham lies 118 miles north of London, 13 miles south of Lincoln, 10 miles east of Newark-on-Trent and 8 miles west-north-west of Sleaford. Welbourn parish lies to the north and Fulbeck to the south. The parish contains about 3,625 acres of land. Lowfield, on the Brant River, is part of this parish. Bayard's Leap, southeast of Leadenham village (where the RAF college now resides) was an extra-parochial part of the parish until Victorian times, when it was split off into it's own parish in 1854.

The village of Leadenham (sometimes called Long Leadenham) lies on the side of a gentle escarpment. This was known in the nineteenth century as the Cliff Range and marks the edge of the Vale of Trent. Near the village is the ancient spring called "St. Anne's Well". If you are planning a visit:

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Year  Person
1842 John JACKSON, vict.
1868 Elijah BARNES
1872 Joseph BATEMAN, vict.
1882 Jph. BATEMAN, vict.
1913 George Robert HALL
1930 Geo. Rt. HALL, propr.

The George Hotel in the 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3224 folio 89

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
head Joseph BATEMAN M 40 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
wife Alice Agnes BATEMAN F 42 Halifax, Yorkshire
servant Sarah Ann STEVENSON F 18 Porrington, Lincolnshire
servant Fanny JACKSON F 18 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
nurse Ann SPRAY F 65 Fulbeck, Lincolnshire
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Land and Property

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Military History

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Military Records

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Names, Geographical

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Here's a newspaper clipping mentioning the village. Unfortunately, the newspaper's name is lost, but the date is 27 Oct. 1917. Right-hand columns are incomplete but I think it's possible to work out most of the context. I've used * to indicate gaps of lengths I could only guess at.: Diane Maltby

FIRE.- On Monday, a h* ham was discovered to b* Mrs. Hall, who sent for* he forced open the door, * that the fire had broken ou* but a few pails of water s* it. The tenant, a man * Clark Exton, had left t* that morning, when all * safe. The damage done w*
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Politics and Government

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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    Year  Inhabitants
1801 517
1841 624
1871 676
1881 646
1891 606
1901 589
1911 537
1921 611
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