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Little Coates (Little Cotes)


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Piece No.
1861 R.G. 9 / 2391
1871 R.G. 10 / 3416
1891 R.G. 12 / 2620
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Church History

St. Michael's Church


Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Description and Travel

This village and parish are wedged between Great Coates, Grimsby and the North Sea. The parish covers about 1,070 acres.

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Military Records

John Readman provides the following, taken from the Roll of Honour at St. Michael's church. It's for the Great War 1914-1919. It lists all the people from the village who went to war and names those who were killed:

  • ALLTOFT, John Holtby, Sergt, R.F.A, Aug. 5th 1917.
  • ALTOFT, Arthur E, R.N.R.T.
  • BARKWORTH, Sydney, Lieut, MM, MC, London Territorials
  • BARNARD, Edward, 1st Norfolk Regt. R.I.P.
  • BARRETT, W. 1st Lincs. Regt.
  • BARRON, Ernest, R.N.A.S
  • BARROTT, John, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • BASS, Harry, 1st Suffolk Regt.
  • BASS, G. R.G.A.
  • BELL, Frank, 10th Lincs Regt.
  • BELL, George F., R.F.A.
  • BETMEAD, Daniel C. E, R.N.R.T.
  • BETMEAD, James W.A., R.N.R.T
  • BLAND, Robert, Sergt., West Yorks Regt., July 1st 1916
  • BLOOMFIELD, Frank, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • BLOOMFIELD, George, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • BLOOMFIELD, W. 5th Lincs. Regt. Apl 16th 1916
  • BLOOMFIELD, J. 43rd Labour Coy.
  • BOURNE, F. H.M.S. Seagull
  • BRAINSBY, Sydney, M. M. G. Section
  • BRANSON, W. 51st Batt. Leics. Regt.
  • BROWN Alex. S. R.N.R.T. May 1st 1918.
  • BROWN, George Henry, Petty Officer, R.N.
  • BROWN, W., R.N.R.T.
  • BROWN, W., R.N.R.
  • BROWNING, Robert, R.A.F.
  • BRYAN, Ernest, Lincs. Regt.
  • BULLOCK, E.C., Sergt., M.M., R.F.A.
  • BURKITT, S., 1st Lincs. Regt.
  • BURKITT, W., 11th Lincs. Regt., April 10th 1917
  • BURKITT, W., 4th Lincs. Regt.
  • BURMAN, Charles Henry, 6th South Staffs. Regt.; March 21st 1918
  • BURRAS, Wilfrid, Lincs. Regt.
  • BUSHELL, Alfred, 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • BUSHELL, Lewis, R.N.R.
  • BUSHELL, Leonard, 5th Lincs. Regt., R.I.P.
  • BYGOTT, Alfred H., 6th Lincs Regt., July 2nd 1916
  • BYGOTT, Arthur H., 8th Lincs. Regt.
  • BYGOTT, E.F., R.F.A.
  • CALLENDER, William John, R.N.R. (Skipper)
  • CALLIN, R. Wilfred, Army Chaplain
  • CHAPMAN, Harold, 11th East Yorks.
  • CHAPMAN, J.J., 2nd Durham L.I.
  • CHARLESWORTH, W. Sergt. R.F.A.
  • CHILDS, H. T. Jack, Rifle Brigade
  • COOK W.., 5th F.A.V.C.
  • COULDSTONE, Charles Edward, 5th Lincs. Regt.; Aug. 22nd 1916
  • COULDSTONE. Francis Thos., R.F.A.
  • COWL, Harry, R.F.A.
  • CRANCHER, R.A., R.N.
  • CUTSFORTH, A., Motor Transport
  • CUTSFORTH, E.D., Sergt, R.A.S.C.
  • CUTSFORTH, J.T., East Yorks.Regt.
  • CUTSFORTH, J.T., 10th Lincs.
  • CUTSWORTH, R.A., 14th Kings Hussars
  • DANBY, Ralph, R.N.R.
  • DAVEY, George Henry, R.A.M.C.
  • DAVIS, Bert M'Clure, R.N.R.
  • DEAKINS, Edward, 7th Lincs. Regt.
  • DENNIS, J.R., Highland Light Infranty.
  • DENNIS, Thomas, 10th Lincs. Regt.
  • DIXON, Oscar, Captain, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • D'ORSEY, Benjamin, Skipper, R.N.R.
  • DOWSE, William, Chief Engineer, R.N.R.
  • DRINKELL, G.S., L/Cpl. 9th Royal Scots attached 5th Gordons
  • DRINKELL, T.H., 9th West Yorks
  • DRINKELL, T., R.F.A.
  • DUKES, Henry Thomas, Chief Engineer, R.N.R.
  • DUKES, Henry Thomas, Jnr., R.N.R.
  • EDMONDSTON, James Scott, Lieut., Royal Warwick Regt.
  • EGLETON, William Alsford, Rifle Brigade, R.I.P.
  • ELLIS, Henry, 3rd Lincs. Regt., March 25th 1918
  • EVERLEY, William Edward, 1st Lincs. Regt.
  • FANTHORPE, Benjamin, 5th Lincs. Regt., April 17th 1917
  • FANTHORPE, Joseph, R.N.R.
  • FANTHORPE, John W., 5th Lincs. Regt, Aug. 9th 1915
  • FANTHORPE, Tom, 6th Lincs. Regt.
  • FRISKNEY, Hector, 5th Lincs Regt., R.I.P.
  • GARNER, Harry, R.I.P.
  • GIBBONS, Albert, 6th Lincs. Regt.
  • GIRLING, J. T., 5th Linc. Regt.
  • GRANTHAM, Hewson, 2nd Durham Light Infantry, ; Sept. 16th, 1917
  • HAAGENSON, O., Lincs. Regt.
  • HAMILTON, E., R.N.
  • HARGITT, Harold, R.N.R.
  • HARMSTON, John William, 21st Mid. Rifle Brigade.
  • HARMSTON, William, 1st Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps.; Aug 21st. 1916
  • HARRISON, Frank, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • HARRISON, Herbert, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • HARVEY, George, 7th Lincs. Regt.
  • HARVEY, Harry, Sergt., R.F.A.
  • HEWSON Charles J., 1st Gloucester Regt.; Sept. 15th ,1918.
  • HEWSON, Percy G., 5th Lincs Regt.; June 16th, 1920
  • HILL, F. C. , Lance-Cpl., 1st Lincs. Regt. ; March 25th, 1918.
  • HODSON, Charles, R.A.M.C.
  • HOPKINS, Benjamin, 10th Gordon Highlands. R.I.P.
  • HOPKINS, R., R.N.
  • HOPKINS, W., 3rd Lincs. Regt.
  • HORNSHAW, James, Senr., Royal Navy & 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • HORNSHAW, James, Junr., 5th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • HORTON, Walter, 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • HORWELL, John, 2nd 1st Royal East Kent Regt.
  • HOSKEN, H., 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • HOUGH, James, 51st Liecester Regt.
  • HOWELL, John, 2nd 1st R.E., K.M.R.
  • HOWSAM F., 8th Lincs Regt. ; Oct. 11th, 1917.
  • HYDE, James, Sergt., 10th Lincs. Regt.
  • HYDE, Percy, Lance-Cpl., 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • JACKSON, John, M.G.C.
  • JAMES, Edward, R.A.S.C.
  • JENNINGS, Charles.
  • JENNINGS, Frank, Corporal, M.G.C. and R.N.V.R.
  • JENNINGS, Hector A., R.N.R.T.
  • JENNINGS, Tom, Corporal, 1st Lincs. Regt.; June 16th, 1918
  • JESNEY, G. F., 4TH Lincs. Regt. ; 1917.
  • JOHNSON, Richard Clark, R.A.S.C.
  • JOHNSON, Arthur, Sergt., 16th K.R.R.C.
  • JOHNSON, G. E., Rifle Brigade.
  • JOHNSON, Frederick T., I.W.T., R.E.
  • JONES, Henry, 6th Lincs. Regt.
  • JONES, J. E., 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • JONES, Peter, R.F.A.
  • JONES, Wilfred, 15th Durhams.
  • KELK, John, R.F.A.
  • KENDALL, Arthur, R.A.M.C.
  • KENNEY, J. A., Lance-Cpl., Durham Light Infantry ; March 26, 1918.
  • KNOT, Thomas William, 10th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • LAZELL, Henry, R.N.R.
  • LAZELL, Richard, R.N.R.
  • LEEMAN, Benjamin, M.M., Sherwood Foresters. R.I.P.
  • LITTLE, Thomas, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • MACKINTOSH, H., Stoke P.O., R.N.
  • MALKINSON, Charles Herbert, D.C.M., 2nd Lieut., 6th Lincs.
  • MALKINSON, Joseph, Northants Regt.; Sept. 27th 1918.
  • MARSHALL, Charles Henry, R.I.P
  • MARSHALL, Joseph. 2nd Lincs. Regt. R.I.P
  • MARSHALl, Thomas Henry, 10th Lincs. Regt. R.I.P
  • MARTIN, E. J., 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • MASTERMAN, H. S., 8th Lincs. Regt.
  • MATHERS, John, Lincs. Regt.
  • MORAN, Fred. R.N.R.T.
  • MORAN, J. Thomas, R.N.R.T.
  • MORRIS, Albert, 6th Northants Regt.
  • MORRIS, Ernest, 9th South Lancs. Regt.
  • MORRIS, Harold, R.F.A. ; Oct. 13th, 1917.
  • NALDER, Tom, R.N.
  • NEAL, Harry, R.F.C.
  • NEWTON, Arthur Cyril. K.O.Y.L.I.
  • NEWTON, Frederick Sydney, R.N.R.
  • NEWTON, Fred W., R.N.R.
  • NEWTON, John Thomas, R.I.P.
  • NEWTON, J. C., Sergt., Lincs. Regt.
  • OLLEY, Stephen, Corporal, 11th Lincs. Regt.
  • PEARCE, Edward, Welsh Regt. R.I.P.
  • PEARCE, Edward, R.I.P.
  • PEARCE, John, 1st Lincs. Regt.; Nov. 1914 R.I.P.
  • PETERSON, Joseph William, R.N.R.; Dec. 25th, 1915.
  • PETZEL, Ernest, 2nd Lincs. Regt.
  • PETZEL, George, 5th Lincs. Regt., R.I.P.
  • PETZEL, John, 15th Durham L.I.
  • POOLE, George, Lance-Cpl., 5th Lincs. Regt.; March 26th 1919.
  • POOLE, Lewis L., H.M.T. "Lloyd George", Jan. 7th 1917.
  • PRATT. J. W., Chief Engineer, R.N.R.
  • PRATT, G. H.. West Yorks. Regt.
  • RANDALL, J., 1st East Yorks. Regt
  • RAYNOR, Harry, 21st Hussars
  • REVELL, Alfred, H.M.T. "Barbados"
  • REVELL, H. Royal Engineers
  • REVELL, S., Sergt., R.F.A.
  • RICHMOND, A. P., Loyal North Lancs, Regt.
  • RILEY, Edward, Lincs. Regt. R.I.P.
  • RILEY, J. W., R.F.A.
  • ROBERT, Alfred, R.N.R.T.
  • ROBINSON, Fred, 5th Lincs. Regt., Oct. 13th, 1915.
  • ROBINSON, George. R.N.R.T.
  • ROBINSON, Thomas, 2nd Engineer, R.N.R.T.
  • ROBINSON, William, 5th Lincs. Regt.; July 1st, 1916.
  • ROBINSON, Wm., 2nd Lincs. Regt.
  • ROBINSON, W. E., M.M., 5th Lincs. Regt.
  • ROWLEY, J. A. H., 4th Lincs. Regt.; Aug. 6th, 1918.
  • ROWLEY. G. A., 3rd Lincs. Regt.
  • RUSSELL, Robert H., Lance-Cpl., 26th Royal Fusiliers.
  • SHAW, Charles, W.O., R.N.R.
  • SHAW, Harry M., 4th Highland Light Infantry
  • SHAW, William, R.N.R.
  • SIDEBOTTOM, Arthur, R.N.
  • SIDEBOTTOM, Wm., M.M., R.F.A. ; March 26th, 1918
  • SISONS, L., Cprporal, West Yorks.
  • SHIRTCLIFFE, Frank, R.N.R. R.I.P.
  • SMART, F., R.F.A.
  • SMART, David, Labour Corps.
  • SMART, Kenneth, Lincs. Regt.
  • SMITH, Sidney, R.A.S.C.
  • SMITH, S., R.A.S.C.
  • SMITH, W., R.G.A.
  • STEVENS, Ernest, Chief Engineer, R.N.R.
  • TAYLOR, B. R.A.F.
  • TAYOR, Joseph, 8th Lincs. Regt. ; R.I.P.
  • THOMPSON, James William, 7th West Yorks. Regt.
  • THOMPSON, Jackson, R.F.A.
  • THOMPSON, Joseph, 2nd. Lincs. Regt. ; R.I.P.
  • THURGOOD, J. W., R.F.A.
  • TURNER, Samuel Alfred, Sanitary Corps, ; R.I.P.
  • WALTON, Arthur, 1st Air Mechanic, R.A.F.
  • WALTON, Arthur, A.A.P., R.F.C.
  • WALTON, Fred, R.F.A.
  • WARNER, Walter, Sergt., 1st Lincs. Regt.
  • WELLS, H. F., Royal Engineers.
  • WELLS, J. W., R.F.A.
  • WESTCOTT, William. R.N.R. ; R.I.P.
  • WHITE, Arthur L., R.N.R.T.
  • WHITELAM, H., M.M., R.F.A.
  • WHITLEY, T., R.N.R.T.
  • WILES, John, Lincs. Regt.
  • WILLIAMS, John, R.A.S.C., M.T.
  • WILSON, Aaron, M.M., 7th Lincs. Regt.
  • WINKS, Frederick, 6th Lincs. Regt., ; R.I.P.
  • WOOD, Cyril, R.A.F.
  • WOOD, Herbert, 4th Army Infantry.
  • WOOD, Herbert, 8th Lincs. Regt. ; Nov. 25th, 1916.
  • WOOD, William, Notts and Derby.
  • WOODCRAFT, Albert, R.F.A. ; R.I.P.
  • WRESSELL, James, Royal Highland Light Infantry
  • WRIGHT, Jack. 6th Lincs. Regt.
  • WROOT, Herbert, 4th Army I.S.S.
  • WYNN, Frank, Lincs. Regt.
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Names, Geographical

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Politics and Governance

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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    Year  Inhabitants
1801 52
1831 49
1851 42
1871 66
1881 60
1891 55
1901 83
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