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Rauceby Asylum

  • Rauceby Asylum was only two miles from Sleaford and had the formal name: "Kesteven County Asylum".
  • In more recent times, the facility has been renamed: Rauceby Hospital.
  • The Asylum, which started in 1894, but didn't open until 1897, may have first been located in Grantham.
  • Grantham withdrew from the deal for the project in 1896.
  • In 1897 a new building was started in Quarrington parish near Rauceby and had grounds covering 115 acres. It finished construction in 1902. It opened in June of that year to patients.
  • At its peak, the asylum could hold 490 patients.
  • In 1924, the institution was renamed: "Kesteven Mental Hospital".
  • In 1933, the institution was renamed: "Rauceby Mental Hospital".
  • In 1940, the RAF took it over and it was renamed: "No.4 RAF Hospital Rauceby". It was a Crash and Burns hospital for Lincolnshire pilots.
  • The RAF left in 1947.
  • It was closed in 1997, and converted to housing in 2004.
  • The site is now known as "Greylees".
  • There are two graveyards, separated by a farm track, opposite the old staff houses to the rear of the hopsital.
  • For more information, see Simon Cornwell's web page.
  • The Lincolnshire Archives has some asylum records. You should also consult the Kesteven County Council depository.
  • See our Poor Law Asylums page for more information on how the asylum was used.
  • The asylum included a chapel which could seat about 300 people.

Staff and officers

  • 1900: John Alfred EWAN of Grantham, medical superintendent (Note: the new facility was not yet open to patients).
  • 1913: John Alfred EWAN, medical superintendent; Allen Pledger PIGGOT, assistant medical officer; Rev. Benjamin James SHAUL, chaplain; Thomas Hinman HOLDICH, clerk to the visitors; William Norman HIGHSTEAD, house steward; Mrs. Annie WILLIAMS, head nurse; Gideon DYER, head attendent; Charles MEAKIN, engineer; William CODD, farm foreman; George LAMB, head gardener.


These figures are for the Asylum inmates and staff only.

     Year  Staff  Inmates
1911 85 440


  • None.