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Note: There are two other Uffingtons in England.

Archives and Libraries

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The Lincolnshire Family History Society has published surname indexes on fiche or in booklet form for each of these census years under the title "Stamford". These are available by credit card from the Federation of Family History Societies Bookstore with worldwide shipping. Please note that these are SURNAME indexes only, and do not show first names, age or relationships.

LDS Film/Fiche No. Piece No. LFHS Surname Index
1841 0438759 H.O. 107 / 623 Fiche
1851 0087722 H.O. 107 / 2094 Booklet
1861 0542952 R.G. 9 / 2314 Fiche
1871 0839343 R.G. 10 / 3310 Booklet or Fiche
1881 1341762 R.G. 11 / 319x
1891 6097664, 3 fiche R.G. 12 / 2554 Booklet or Fiche
1901 R.G. 13 / 3022
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Church History

St. Michael's Church

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Church Records

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Civil Registration

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Description and Travel

Uffington is both a village and parish which lies 90 miles north of London and just over two miles east of Stamford on the A16 trunk road. The parish is bounded on the south by Northamptonshire and on the east by Tallington parish. The River Welland flows eastward along the parish's southern border. The parish covers about 3,240 acres and includes the hamlet of Casewick.

If you are planning a visit:

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Military History

The Uffington War Memorial is inside St. Michael's and All Angels Church. A photograph by John SALMON exists on Geo-graph.

John SALMON also has a photograph of the World War II Memorial on Geo-graph, taken in 2011.

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Names, Geographical

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Politics and Governance

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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

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Oddly, 100 years after 1891, the population count is unchanged!

    Year  Inhabitants
1801 456
1831 481
1841 539
1871 441
1881 462
1891 439
1901 425
1911 419
1921 357
1991 439
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