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Lincolnshire What's New Logs

January, 2006

General web page updates:
  1. Military: 1916 newspsper clipping added
  2. Schools: 1850 Certified Teachers list noted
  3. Schools: Schooling history expanded
  4. Schoolteachers: Names added to the list

Parish profiles changed:
  1. Alford: several sections updated.
  2. Barlings: Church photographs added.
  3. Barrowby: Church photographs added.
  4. Belchford: Census piece number table started.
  5. Billinghay: Church photographs added, Church History section added, Schools section enhanced.
  6. Bilsby: several sections updated.
  7. Bourne: Census piece number table expanded.
  8. Bracebridge: Population table expanded.
  9. Brant Broughton: Church Records at the archives added.
  10. Brigg: Census piece number table expanded.
  11. Butterwick: Census piece number table started.
  12. Cabourne: Church photograph added, several sections updated.
  13. Cadney: Church History added, population table enhanced.
  14. Chapel St. Leonards: Church photograph added.
  15. Cuxwold: Church photographs added, population table expanded.
  16. Doddington: several new sections added.
  17. Fulbeck: WWI war memorial added.
  18. Hough on the Hill: War memorial added.
  19. Legbourne: several new sections added.
  20. Mareham le Fen: Primitive Methodist chapel info added.
  21. Nettleham: Census piece number table started.
  22. Nocton: parish register not on file.
  23. Strubby: WWI War memorial documented, other minor updates.
  24. Swaton: Census piece number table started.
  25. Washingborough: Several minor updates.

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