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Lincolnshire What's New Logs

May, 2006

General web page updates:
  1. Personal Names: TWIDALE added
  2. Schoolteachers: list expanded

Parish profiles changed:
  1. Aby: Census Pience Number table started.
  2. Asgarby (Sleaford): Several minor additions.
  3. Barrow on Humber: Several minor additions.
  4. Binbrook: Several minor additions.
  5. Brigg: The Briggensians site listed.
  6. Careby: Settlement Exam example added.
  7. Coleby: Several minor additions.
  8. Cuxwold: Census Pience Number table started.
  9. Dalby: Church photograph added.
  10. Great Hale: Parish register lookup site added.
  11. Gunby St. Peter: Several minor additions.
  12. Heydour: Several minor additions.
  13. Honington: Church photograph and Manors sections added, Pop. table expanded.
  14. Kirkby la Thorpe: Several sections added.
  15. Kirkby Underwood: Several minor additions.
  16. Kirmond le Mire: Several sections updated, Manors section added.
  17. Little Hale: Several minor updates.
  18. Little Ponton: Several minor updates.
  19. Low Toynton: Church photograph added.
  20. Luddington: Several minor updates.
  21. Mumby: Church History updated.
  22. Nocton: Church photograph added.
  23. North Kelsey: Church History section added, several sections updated.
  24. North Somercotes: Church History section added.
  25. Orby: Church History section added, several sections updated.
  26. Skendleby: Manor section added.
  27. South Cockerington: Manor section added.
  28. South Kelsey: Census Piece Number table added.
  29. Swaby: World War One Roll of Honour added.
  30. Swallow: Several minor updates.
  31. Thoresway: Church History section added, Pop. table expanded.
  32. Thorganby: Church History and Manors sections added.
  33. Torksey: Church History section added.
  34. Ulceby: Church History and History sections added.
  35. Wyville: Church photograph added.

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[Last updated: 31-May-2006 - Louis R. Mills]